How will Ranek, Lumsden, Holmes all have big enough roles?

Just curious how the team will find room to give a big enough role to all of Ranek, Lumsden, and Holmes next year? I will be impressed to see how they pull it off and it is something I am looking forward too.

I think Ranek will be traded or released.

There isn't enough room. They better not continue that fiasco next year. You've seen how productive it is; the leading rusher has 369 yards :thdn: Nevertheless, that rusher is the man who should be THE man next year...Corey Holmes. To sit this guy down is inexcusable. Keep Corey, cut Ranek, Jesse as backup or fullback.

Have to Agree Ranek is toast in Hamilton.
Joe is gone . We have Jessie and Corry.

I think we see Jessie on 1st Down and Short Yardage.. Holmes on 2nd Down and Long Yardage.

We need all three on the roster due to the nature of the position ,they take a beating and need games off to recoup.

It depends on the budgetary situation and whether Ranek can get healed up. I think Holmes and Lumsden are very likely the 1-2 punch heading into next year's camp.

If Josh can get healed up and the Cats' cap considerations don't play a factor, then I expect he will get a shot to retain his spot. Big "if," I would say.

We need to have two stud backs in today's CFL because of the demands of the game. A lot of recently succesful championship teams have had a tandem rotation in their backfield.

The new head coach is the key here. Getting an offensive system in place that all players who want to be here can buy into and renovating the O-line are the two critical elements for the offense to succeed in 2007. Charlie Taaffe would be the best hire regarding this aspect, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't think Ranek will be back...I think he will be traded. I hope that Holmes doesn't ask for a trade!

I hope a new HC will use Radlien properly too!

I guess the Pony Express doesn’t get out to Wroexeter, eh woody?

Monday, September 18, 2006

A quote from Corey Holmes.

“It feels great to be in an organization
that was willing to commit to me and my family,?

“I thank God for giving me the opportunity
to be here in Hamilton for the next few years

…I think a lot of great things are going to happen
and I’m glad that I’m going to be a part of it.?

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Why not put lumsden at fullback, and holmes at tailback?? lumsden as lead block and reciever out of backfield?

Why is it that other teams can find room for these types of players on there rosters and Hamilton has a problem with that. It doesn't seem to be a problem for the other 7 teams.

I'b betting that Ranek will be gone.

A good new head coach will know how to use these guys and some good new ones. Lets hope for the real thing a pro talented head coach.

Uhhh because lumsden cant block like a fullback.

Let's trade Homes and Maas to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph. It would be so exciting to have Ranek and Joseph in the backfield with Lumsden.

I wouldn't judge Josh Ranek by this year's performance. He's been injured most of the season.
I am not about to lose faith in this guy because when well, I know he can churn out the yards.

Holmes, Ranek and Lumsden would make one hell of a back field! (with all of them healthy, of course)

Borehamgirl will be checking out their "backfields", healthy or not... :lol: