how will our secondary hold up?

Loosing two corners was pretty harsh in the offseason. I dont fully understand all the circumstances behind the non resigning of anderson. if i was to make an asumption... wich i know is not always good... i would think it came down to a salary cap issue. something that the league may have to adress eventually. With browner gone as well... lets hope burris can put up lots of points this year. I wonder if we will eventually see the retuen of browner, as i never saw him as an NFL quality player. Tisdale was a release... Dixin is a P.R. from last year. I dont question the huff, but i get concerned sometimes.

I think the Stamps will be on top of the West Division again this year, so thus I'm curious to see how our secondary will hold up when we play you guys on July 23 at McMahon. :expressionless:

I would guess that Anderson’s attitude/penalties had something to do with his non resigning as well. Another assumption.
And tisdale wasn’t a release he was a Free Agent was he not?

It will be interesting to see how the secondary performs this year. Losing the two starting corners is a concern, but there's a silver lining to it.

As the CFL has developed over the years, most offences have their best receivers playing slotback and not WR. Therefore, a defence's halfbacks are usually more important keys to success than are corners. .. particularly in a defence like Jones', which uses a lot of man to man press coverage. Since the opposing WRs don't see as many passes as the slotbacks, the corners aren't as important as the halfbacks.

i haved been scanning the notes left by everyones training camps. seems everyone is putting a lot of stress this year on the secondary. i apreciate the silver lining. i have a feeling lots of teams are going to after our corners though to test them out. i could see guys like Carr in winnipeg moving outside to stretch us. see what happens. i think im also really interested to see who we end up starting at free safety. probably my favorite position in all of football.