How will it all end? Register your predictions.

We're coming down to the wire, with HOSTCO set to announce their decision regarding the stadium funding anytime now. I thought that a thread solely for registering our predictions on the "end game" for the pan am stadium debate would be a good idea.

We've all been arguing about this for months, and there are multiple threads if you want to keep arguing. Please don't argue in this thread. This thread is to register your official prediction, so we can claim bragging rights if we turn out to be right in the months and (hopefully) years ahead!

My predictions are as follows:

Whether it has been made "official" yet or not, I do think some of the money that would have gone to our Pan Am stadium has now been allocated to the track and field stadium at York University. With what money is left, HOSTCO will offer Hamilton a 3,000-8,000 permanent seat stadium at the West Harbour, with temporary seating taking capacity up to 10,000-15,000 for the games.

Nothing will come of the "Katz group". They aren't going to be able to upgrade the West Harbour stadium to a capacity big enough for a CFL or MLS team in a way that is economically viable for them to do it.

A new mayor will be elected and we'll have higher turnover of city councillors than usual this year. The new city council will be more Tiger-Cat friendly.

Somehow the Tiger-Cats will end up playing at refurbished Ivor Wynne where Bob will continue to make the best of it, though I'm sure he'll keep his eyes open for future stadium opportunities in the years ahead, both in Hamilton or in the surrounding area.

My one caveat:

If the city council decides that a small capacity stadium at the West Harbour without the Tiger-Cats is a bad idea, then all bets are off, everything and anything could change at the last minute. But I'm betting against this happening at this point.

HOSTCO will announce that Burlington's soccer stadium will host additional games as will BMO. Hamilton will get shut out and lose the velodrome to boot

The city and Side Show Fred will remain steadfast to the WH which will leave HostCo to advise Side Show the Visionary to go fish. The Tiger Cats leave Hamilton for a more suitable deal (close by I hope) and Hamilton is once again confirmed as being the place no one want's to visit because of Side Show and the minions could not look a gift horse in the mouth. At the end of October - very few if any city council is left after the municipal election.

Future Fund

$ 20 million has already been blown on property acquisition

$ 30 million will be needed for remediation

$ 10 million will be chewed up elsewhere

No $50 million from investors

No tenant

So, what else is there to say? :roll:

It seems pretty clear to me what the future is

Well, too much sitting on the fence stuff with me for the TigerCats. I'd rather Bob get in with the Argos and make one team for southern Ontario in a football specific stadium that can do soccer.

Sorry but I'd rather see this with the TigerCats ceasing to exist rather than playing in some refurbished IWS or WH crap. I'm a CFL fan first and TigerCat fan far second.

Now fire away boys...

I think that council and the mayor will realise the mistake that they have made and will offer Confederation Park as a last minute "saving face" move. Hostco will approve.

Bob Young will be gracious and say that Hamilton council was just looking out for what was best for Hamilton and as a peace offering will put his money back on the table for a park and amphitheatre at West Harbour. need professional help. :wink:

The Cats will pack up and move to Moncton at the end of the season, selling out everygame in their first season.

Mayor Fred will get charged with something other than the WH mess. You know, disorderly in a nightclub in TO or smuggling something across the border type of thing and then step down as mayor.

Then the New Mayor, works with a new owner to get a CFL expansion franchise for Hamilton and gets a staduim built in a site other than WH or EM.

Bob being the great guy he is, offers the New Franchise the Tiger Cats name and colors. The Moncton Tiger Cats become the Moncton Mavericks and beat the expansion TiCats 24-17 in the First Grey Cup played in Atlantic Canada. :cowboy:

Actually woody I'd like to know what you ate for lunch or what your water source is. I want some of that :smiley:

I like Woody's idea :wink:

I think if the Ticats announce that they are moving, that will kill ticket sales for the rest of this year. I think that Bob Young will have a surprise announcement about a stadium project somewhere in Hamilton or close by. And that Braley will be involved somehow.

I think the city will get a velodrome (who cares) and that's it. And we will have a new mayor soon.

Martians land in front of the city hall and suck up all the city council, the mayor and take them to the plant called " Butt Head " for further experiments that ask that aged old question? Is there intelligent life on earth in Hamilton and most importantly at city hall. The Martians will use Rheem as a nuclear test sight and mysteriously re-mediate the property. The Martians laboratory experiments end and they announce that the city council and the mayor and the rest of the minions have the iq of a three minute egg. (over stated)

Someone wins a mega lottery and builds their own stadium and donates the property to Bob Young. Everything mysteriously changes in Hamilton (people start thinking - go figure) because everyone does not want to become a lab experiment on the plant Butt Head. I wonder how they named the planet? Tiger Cat fans rally as usual and save the day and our beloved Tiger Cats win the next 10 Grey Cups hands down.

Did you mean over easy ROTFL good post :lol:

Private Investors with The Tigercats Build a Stadium in Aldershot Ontario.
With a new Stadium close to the 403 Great Parking and Public Transit in the area
The Ticats Break Even after two years

They win the Rights 2020 Grey Cup and are 3 Time Grey Champs

Woody my friend, don't try and do that, I know you like to tailgate with the Argo boys in that lot they have, I bet you're equally as much of an Argo fan as you are a TigerCat fan.

True? Am I dead on here...? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Am I calling your bluff? :wink:

woody, if Confederation Park ends up as the new home, wow, that would be friggin awesome no question, TD big time. That site blows them all away except for Aldershot but Aldershot is 2nd after Confederation no question.

Actually, the Mayor can't offer anyone anything....council doesn't meet again for quite awhile so there is no chance for debate, studies, reports or a vote..........they (Fred and Council) are going to live or die with the insane West Harbour site I'm afraid

Troop will be announcing the end of it all by Tuesday

But they, the city, will die with the WH site which means Confederation or Aldershot could be open, right, without the FF money but still viable....

Correct? Does Bob need the FF money to be successful at Confederation or Aldershot if he can get these sites as a go for a stadium?

I suppose anything is still possible after they officially announce Hamilton won’t be getting the stadium…Aldershot, Mississauga, York U. etc

Good point, Mississauga, York U etc.

Short and to the point. Hostco will pull the plug as Hamilton cannot produce a legacy tenant. Cats will run out their lease and , hopefully, resign a new deal perhaps with a renovated stadium as part of the deal.
Dark horse: The softshells at City Hall will change their mind on location.

The stadium needs to be built near the Go Train and highways, to handle the 45,000 fans at Grey Cup's, concerts, and other events. While many of the Ti-Cat fans want to drive to the games, many other users need public transit to get to events.

If the Ti-Cats can still come through with their $74 million investment, including securing two Grey Cup games which will generate tens of millions in business activity for Hamilton and area...and the city can recommend a preferred site that meets these criteria, then the stadium can be built in Hamilton. An alternative site could be at Aldershot which has the transportation angle covered.

I think Hamilton will come to it's senses and get working quickly to approve a stadium site which works for Ti-Cats and other events...or will the soccer games be the next to go and York will end up with the new stadium?

The Mayor, council and Ti-Cats need to swallow some humble pie, and start to work together to put forth a winning bid for the Pan-Am stadium. :thup: