How Will Crandell Perform?

I think Crandell will do well against the lowley ticats and actually get on a roll. Then Winnipeg twice and after that i think it will be a hard decision for Barret. Just like last year when he came off the bench and won 5 in a row.

I think Crandell can do the job. He has two weapons he didnt have last year, Dominguez(injury) and Armstead, who was with the Gades. If he does well in those games he could get the start for Labour Day, these next 4 games are very important for this team, but Crandell needs to perform well to give Joseph the time he needs to heal. IMO, Joseph shouldn't have been on the field against the Esks and it was painful even watching him run to catch Dixon after he threw the pick to him.

Marcus Crandell isnt gonna be starting any longer than he has 2. Regardless of how he performs. Kerry Joseph is the riders Franchise QB. And nobody in the CFL pays anyone damn near $400,000 per to sit on the bench...

I agree with you jman, but I wonder how bad Joseph's injury actually is, I bet its worse than most of us might think. Its better to have him rest on the bench for 3 to 4 games--otherwise he could be hurt worse and he will be out for a lot longer than those games. If he indeed is making 400 thou its better to protect that investment. No one wants to see him out for the rest of the season--or it will be next year country again(if we are not at that point now).

I agree. I thinkit was worse than it was first thought. I think KJ was being too tough, in that he thought he was stupid as that may sound. I dont think hell miss more than 2 or 3 games tho.

I was a little late getting to the local watering hole so I missed the play that Marcus got hurt on. I saw the replay later but didn't hear any updates. Did anyone hear different?

Also, kudos to Rockey Butler on playing one hell of a game. Its been 3 years, I guess he was due