How,When do they determine home team/visitor team

I have tickets in section 111. When and how do they determine home team and which team will be by section 111? Anyone?

I believe the Bombers are the default home team. They are the East Champs and the Cup is in the East.

Last year, the Als were the East Champs, the host city was in the East, and the Lions were the home team, were they not?

Really? Not that it really matters but I thought that they take turns each year with whom is the home and away teams regardless of where they are played. If my memory serves me right the game was in Winnipeg (an Eastern Division team) last year and the Lions were the home team (well they wore their all blacks - sharp looking jerseys by the way)

They take notes of everyone’s jersey who comes into the game. Whichever team has more fans inside the dome before the coin flip is the home team*

*(this statement may or may not be true)

…beat ya, bison. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could it be the team with the better regular season record?

Heh!!! Nice call jm02. I'll blame it on the computer lag. Yeah that'll do nicely. :wink:

I tried looking for the rules on the site, but apparently they want you to buy the book rather than list all their rules for everyone to see.

You guys may well be right. I was just taking a stab.

I never really payed attention to who was the home team when I watched.

...I just want the Riders to wear the retro jerseys...can't do that if they're the visiting team...

are they allowed to wear their third jersey? I was surprised by that at the West Semi Final.

...think so...might need to get league approval, but I'm not sure...

They must. Winnipeg wore their puke-yellow tops today.

Both teams wore blue pants, which was kinda odd....

I really hope they do as well; they look great in them.

Actually I believe it's usually the home team whom determines what jersey each team can wear. Don't quote me on that one though as this could be the leagues call as well. You know the Bombers are going to wear their gold jerseys with the blue pants (just like the East Semi-Final & East Final). I don't see why the Riders wouldn't be allowed to wear their 3rd retro jerseys (good looking jerseys as well by the way).

Not true. They alternate from year to year. Last year WAS West as home team. This year will be East. Ive heard the Bombers will want to wear their 3rd jerseys which are the gold ones with blue pants...that SHOULD clear the way for the Riders to also wear their 3rds which are the Green retro with white pants.

Solid colors were worn today in the East final by both teams. Maybe the away team had to appeal to wear their solid color but you can bet the Riders will do just that if its the case. The Riders are 2-0 in the retro jerseys thus far.

As for section 111... having been to one game in 1989 I seem to remember the home bench being on the east side of the field...I know the jumbo-tron is on the south end of the field...if all of this is true sec. 111 will be in front of the Rider bench...what luck!!! Your best bet is to call the ticket office which shouldn't be too busy as they are virtually sold out.


Even though the bomber gold jerseys arent the nicest.....they must have a 98% winning record with them..

Seriously, they play good when they wear those jersey's.

My Favorite the bomber home BLue jerseys with the Blue pants.

I like the Rider retro jerseys, hope they do wear them.

I still don't know the basis for deciding, but it was announced today that Wpg. would wear darks, and use the home locker room and bench. Sask will wear light colours and use the visitor's locker and bench.