How were the stands in Calgary?

There were media reports prior to the stamps/riders game saying that extra security was going to be present to control rowdy fans during the game. The comments section after the article was full of a lot of back and forth between Riders and Stamps fans blaming one another for starting fights, etc. (Wow, sounds like a crowd at a Lions' game...but thats another matter)

I was just wondering if anyone was there, and if so, was the ribbing and back and forth between the fans good spirited? Or were there actually a lot of idiots on either or both sides?

The reason I'm asking is that the drunken idiots are the reason I dont go to Lions games, even when my Green and White are there, but rather drive 1000km to Taylor Field (Yes, I still call it that) to watch a game or two each year. But if Regina gets a dome, I will probably just stop in Calgary and watch my boys play there. However, if the idiots are out of control....well, as I've already said, thats why I avoid BC Place.

One of the Calgary posters (redandwhite maybe) was there, and has posted here that the atmosphere and fans on both sides were great - lots of good-natured ribbing, but all in good fun. Check around the other threads, you'll find his posts.

I think generally speaking (I've been to a few Rider games in Calgary) it's pretty good in the middle sections where you have long time season ticket holders, and it gets worse as you go outward towards the corners as those are generally walk up tickets.

I was at the game.. everything in the section I was in was cool.. Only issue I saw was when a security guy asked a Rider fan to take down his flag. (wind issue I guess) but we could see a lot of Calgary flags waving (Rider fan did put down his flag) but no fights or anything where I was sitting

Exactly. I was at the game. And as usual, it was the section in the North East corner that was the problem. One skirmish in the fourth quarter sent at least 12 cops to that section.

Funny last game I went to in Regina resulted fans throwing beers at the visiting team… I have not been to a game there since!

Those Stamps-Riders match ups at McMahon are excellent. That is about as close as it gets in Canada to matching the big-time NCAA college football rivalries down south in terms of atmosphere and energy at a football game.

Never saw any issues at all. Great atmoshere, more green than red, basically it was a pretty jovial place except for some power hungry cops at the pre-game who were harassing some innocent ppull. We weren't bothered ourselves but we saw them giving a hard time to ppull around us who were being peaceful.