How well will we do?

Free agency is essentially done and a few key trades have happened which appears to have overall helped us. A few question marks are still hanging over the team ie will the new coaches upgrade our team or turn out to be a poor desicion, as well as the health of Durant, our outside linebacker situation and our secondary. Our o line has lost a few players as well. How will we do overall? I think we will be in the hunt for top in the wesr with Edmonton this season. Calgary took a hit this offseason and don’t think they will be as good.

Ahh the question on all Rider fans minds. Defense shouldn't be an issue as it was solid last year and I don't see an area where we digressed even with some name changes. The big quetion is the offense. Will Durant be 100% and show no signs of the injury.Will the O line be able to step up and give him and the running backs the blocking they need( still ticked about losing Toston) will Chappy have a good amount of new plays and keep defenses honest. If the answer to all of these is yes then the Riders should be battling for 1st, if not I can see them being 3rd. Stamps did have some turnovers in staff and it will be interesting to see how the next man up does for them. I look for Edmonton and Winnipeg to be strong contenders though and Winnipeg will be pumped to make it to the big game at home. The lions unless Lulay is fully recovered( which I strongly doubt) will be at the bottom of the West. I would love to see the Stumps go into a complete nose dive and finish last as it would be ever so much fun to rub it into their fans noses on TSN. Not expecting it will happen but it would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Je crois que Chapdelaine devra établir une attaque assez équilibrée pour que les Roughriders puissent avoir un certain succès. C'est ainsi que Durant est le plus à l'aise et qu'il réussit à avoir une marge de manoeuvre suffisante pour faire gagner l'équipe.

Cela dit, bien que ça pourrait être différent avec les Roughriders, j'ai toujours trouvé que les systèmes offensifs de Chapdelaine avaient des problèmes de protection du quart. Il n'a pas toujours eu suffisamment de bons joueurs de ligne offensive pour le servir, mais en même temps, c'est comme si ses systèmes avaient exposé ses partants. Je ne le souhaite pas à Durant, mais c'est quelque chose à quoi il devrait réfléchir.

also looking forward to see if Jamel Richardson can return to his pre-injury play. sure liked his play in Montreal.

Let's go JR.....