How weird is this!

Its been quite a few years since i've gone to a ticat game, this almost feels like a bad omen or something. I was petting my cat (yes I have a cat as a pet) and his bottom right fang is falling out! I dont even think and vets are open today. :frowning: :thdn:

Look to see if a dead Greek sailor replete with a puncture wound to the neck is nearby. If so, no biggie, the omens should cancel out.

:D :D :D

Hope your cat will be fine!

Oski Wee Omen,


Stick into something with the Argo symbol on it.

Just a little update: Woke up today (wanted to get cat to vets early) his tooth fell out and he is eating solid food and seems much happier, im still going to take him to the vets at some point just to get him checked out and shots. With the money I save on dental work I might just get Ticat/Stamps tickets. :thup:

You cats tooth came out,the Cats beat the Argos by 19. Get the pliers ready and pull another tooth out of your cats mouth on Friday. :wink:

Then we can look forward to another big win. :rockin:

8) You should put his tooth under his pillow tonight !!!
 He just might get a surprise from the cat tooth fairy, when he wakes up in the morning  !!!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->