How Weak is the East???????????????


How weak are the Eastern teams this year really?

  1. Toronto shows nothing against BC -the score was way too flattering to the Argos.

2.Montreal loses at home to the Roughriders predicted to come last in the West by most observers.

  1. Calgary rocks Hamilton.

Winnipeg is the only team that showed any mettle!!

Could be a long season for those eastern tax grabbers!!

West Rules
East Drools :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

The bombers are in first with 1 point! :lol:

Too early to tell but the East has been weaker overall for the last few seasons in my opinion.

lol, it's week 1?

Allen and Maas could be out of town(or atleast back-ups) Come Labour day.

Eskimos got Lucky the blue were missing their best OL and 1 top 2 DB along with a few other guys.

Judging which division is stronger or weaker is hard to do atm, but to say 3 of the top 4 teams are in the West wouldn't be far off, but 1 top 3 team is in the "east" lol, Guess who.

It'll be fun to watch the Als miss the playoffs.

winnipeg will win the east and face sask in the grey cup for the banjo bowl/grey cup.

lol thats funny

Funny thing is that ever since I was a kid I have always seen the West do better than the East year after year.

proud to be a western canadian and western CFL fan here

whenever the Riders lose I'm cheering for the Eskimos to keep the GC in the west, and if not them then I cheer for the Stamps, and lastly I go with the Bombers or Lions when the other 3 three western teams are beat

I wouldn't put too much stock after just one week of the season. Barring injuries at key positions though, the West does look solid from top to bottom.

Eww the Eskimos! No offence Esks fans, actually no offence to you BC fans either, but if there are teams that I dontwant to win its those 2.

For me if not the Riders, then its gotta be Winnipeg

and for me if its not winnipeg its gotta be the riders

rider winnipeg grey cup this year!

and a qb. named Glenn ...who has better stats. than most others (so far)'s a long season my son....and this is the CFL.....congrats on the stamps win red.....i know we don't deserve any for a :wink: :lol:

Actually both the teams played well for that tie. The only problem is it seems the offenses were doing well and the defenses were not. But that makes for great games right. Ricky Ray put on a very good display. Glenn as well.

Thats because you are biased.

last season I posted the east/west win loss record and Grey Cup record over a 10-15 year peroid and it was pretty much equal.

I am afraid to say the East is least and the West is best by far.

no matter how strong the west is and how weak the east is im convinced the cup is going to the east this season

Well not if you base the championship on the season opener like most folks around here do. :wink:

How can I be biased RO when I am a Montreal fan.

My mistake!
Your misinformed! :lol:

There's no argument here, the West is the far superior conference by far. I actually don't even think it's close. I think the Lions are 15-1 in their last 16 games against the East.

I wish there was some sort of balance in the league but unfortunately just like in the NBA the West is way more stacked and talented than the East. It will just make the road to the Grey Cup in the West that much tougher.