How We Tailgate at Ticat Games

Here's how we role in the Ticat Tailgating Community.
Since tailgating in Hamilton is allowed and could be shut down at any time, here's some helpful reminders that Ticat Tailgaters follow.
First-BYO Everything! Food, bevy's, garbage bags shelter, BBQ etc
Second- Consume adult bevy's in a non-transparent plastic cups. The local law enforcement will not fine you if they do not see what you're drinking and drink responsibly. Also there are alot of kids around and we don't want them to step on broken glass or a ripped can.
Third- Respect thy neighbour. Have a good time while remembering there are kids around and always a offer a helping hand to those around you.
Fourth- Leave it like we found it. Remember to bring garbage bags. Clean up your area when you're done and leave your garbage bags beside the available cans.
In years past we've followed these simple rules and we've been able to enjoy years for hassle free tailgating.
Have a Safe and Happy Labour Day Tailgate everyone!

Where can you park the RV’s and Mobile Game Day vehicles? Is there a lot close to Tim Horton’s Field where you can park your RV bus or van, break out the tailgate set up like at Orchard Park NY or will it be like Tailgating in Toronto, where it’s really not Tailgating, it’s like commuting on the GO train to hang out for a picnic outside of the Rogers Centre?

Hey BigCat, great question.
If you have a pre-paid parking pass you can park and set up.
While I don't work for the team in any way I can recommend Lot C is your best bet if you don't have a prepaid pass.
Lot C is about 5 min walk from the stadium, will be staffed by Ticat security. If I remember correctly I think there's a grassy area you can BBQ in comfort. So you get their early I
This is definitely not Toronto in terms of tailgating but it's a Canadian tailgate.
If it's anything like past years, bust out your tailgate set up, tunes, BBQ, lawn chairs and have a great time. Drink your drinks out of solo cups get along with the people around you, clean up and you'll be good. It's pretty simple if you draw attention to yourselves, law enforcement has no choice but to enforce the laws. The only people that get approached and shut down by the police are those that deserve it. They're being obnoxious, inconsiderate and/or arses in some way.
If you do go to Lot C, let me know how it is. I've only seen it empty.