how we get our grove back?

with the Arhols stealing our soul on Friday. what do we need to do to get back that lovin feelin?

while smashing the bejesus out of Ottawa sounds like a great answer and i hope we do but its the BUMCRACKS!

what specifically would need to happen in this next game for you to say 'ahh yah were back!!"

PS how is Magic Madu? any word (i apologize in advance if already posted)

  1. Force Burris to turn into Bad Hank;
  2. Demoralize Ottawa;
  3. When we next play the blew team, limit the DBH (Do^&*-Bag Hawia'an) to negative-yardage; and
  4. Introduce Ray's face to the turf on every play.

Greatly reduce Penalties?!
Run the ball?!
Use stickum on the gloves !

1 Burris looks like Bad Hank every other week so how do we know if it us?
2 Demoralize? really? isn't it bad enough they have plaid uniforms and saw wood after every TD?
3 agree
4 no! that could be an improvement to an otherwise ugly mug!

The Cats need to make like a Monster Truck and squish anything in their path and roll over them again and again - all night long on both sides of the ball.And then with Monter Truck - the band at halftime - we have a theme for the evening. :smiley:

Well Monster Truck will roll at Half Time on Friday

Here you go, one grove...

theres always one smarty pants in the bunch.. :smiley:

Didn't practice today.

Drew Edwards?Verified account
?@scratchingpost #Ticats RB @MossisMadu not practicing today. Also sitting out: @andyfantuz @MRBoom38

They could add some fins to lower wind resistance. And a racing stripe would feel pretty sharp.

The Cats can't take anything for granted. No team is going to lay down for them. Not Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa.

They need to play disciplined football, no stupid penalties and learn to kick a team when they are down. They failed to somewhat do that to Montreal and especially with Toronto. Playing complacent football with a sizeable lead is a big no no in football. Next time they have a large lead they need to get aggressive and keep scoring.

Well with Gable out, now Madu out, we have another back on the PR to give a shot, let's get him in and get a rush going, because we need the rushing yards and passing game working together.

We better get a speedy wide receiver or two in the next game to stretch the field, we have been lacking an explosive WR for some time now. We have good hands and experience in the short and mid-field area with Fantuz, Tasker, Ellingson and so on but need some speed and other than Banks, Montreal and Toronto both have guys who can stretch the field and open the game for the other guys, we need the same.

Getting our Groove back, I think what you are saying means playing as a team, scoring as a team and not as an individual, first score the TD for the team than celebrate and don't take stupid penalties but play a full 60 minutes of hard nosed football, tough defence, good special teams and great offensive scoring, let's score more TD's and rely on Medlock more for kicking converts than field goals!!


Long-time lurker, first-time poster here.

Mossis may not be out this week. Got a shot, says his shoulder felt better after…said he’d try and practice today so we’ll see what Milton reports!

welcome BMC!

I found our Grove. I will bring it to the next game. Maybe we can finish the upper west stands ourselves.

lol. at the very least that would give someone a giant wedgie

Well, I for one would love to have Grover back.

Always great to get an all-star return.

There's always his son in the 2016 draft...

[url=] ... 67789.html[/url]

I'm pretty sure he would be classified (I hate that word) as a National as well, since he did all his formative football training in BC.