How We Beat Montreal

It'd be neat to see what people think we need to do to beat Montreal on Friday. Here's my say:

On Offense

  1. Possesion offense, sustained drives will not only tire MTL's D, but limit the opportunities AC has.
  2. Consistant running, obviously this is a crucial factor in ball control offence.
  3. Capitalize on opportunities, I know - it's fundimental football stuff, but our O needs to punch it in and break the redzon jinx.

On Defense

  1. Shut down Cobourne. Although not the league leader, Cobourne is probably more of a weapon then Reynolds and needs to be limited.
  2. Press the Recievers. Disrupt thier routes, and timing, and force AC into longer reads.
  3. Reduce/obscure passing lanes. The line needs to get their hands up, and force calvillo to pass around them. Unlike burris, AC won't hurry into the same mistakes and hurried throws as easily under pressure. Filling the passing lanes could force Calvillo out of the pocket, and create opporunties for sacks.


For a moment I got real excited and thought that this was a time travel thread. I sure hope that the title holds true at 10:30 pm on Friday.

Lock Calvillo in the visitors dressing room, and let him out after 10:00 PM.


Dont Turn the ball over.
Contain Larry Taylor on ST.

If we do that im confident the als will be held under 20 points.

If Porter stays poised and Bruce is on his game as usual, Currie and Mcdaniel make some plays. We should be able to score more than 20.

The Result: a big fat "W"

Last, i have a gut feeling Stala is going to have a big game.

Lock Calvillo in the visitors dressing room, and let him out after 10:00 PM.

Yup, that will work I'll say and could be our best strategy. :roll: Fact is on paper, we aren't as good as the Als but it doesn't mean we can't beat them, just that we shouldn't beat them, and that's all.

Bring the heat force the quik pass ... Make them make some mistakes ,big hitting over the middle early let them no it is not going happen in the middle in our house .Then give them a dose or 2 of the Cobbster and some play action with the ab3 in flight and we should be good ...

Cold water in the Visitors' shower room?

My first thoughts were to get pressure on AC. Upon second thought I agree with the OP that the more pressing need is strong coverage in the secondary. The back eight need to have a big game. AC makes quick, smart reads so pressuring him won't bring as much benefit as other QBs. We also need a big game from the O. No more redzone jinx indeed. Oh, and to all members of the 13th man...bring the noise!

We can beat Montreal, if we bring the D like we did last week.

Porter gets off to a good start. I thought his throwing was a lot better in the 2nd half last game. Seemed to have some zing on the ball. Sometimes on 2nd and short, he should run for the first down. I noticed last week he went for the pass when could have ran for about 10 yards.

Our receivers have a good game. Especially Currie with his speed. I`m sure he can burn a few defenders, since they might be keying in on Bruce.

Use our run game. Get Cobb going from the start. Some play action and a few screens to keep our offense from looking predictable.

8) I really think we are going to win tomorrow night !!
  Home field, lots of noise to distract AC, and look out, a repeat of last week !!!

Great idea...Earl.
Our Defence has to get Calvillo....out of his rythum. And I believe the Cat's "D" can do just that.
Lots of heat....and I don't mean sacks...just lots of heat...thats the way to shut Calvillo down. It plays with his head....seen it many times before, in other games. :thup:
I think "we" Ti-Cat fans are in for one-hell-of-a-football game Friday night.
Can't wait...... :thup:


The planets are alligned ten years ago to the day hamilton beat montreal in hamilton we finished 2nd in the east and won the cup and my eldest son was born september 25 1999.

A month ago I would have laughed at you all.....

Now, however the Als have leveled off a bit and the Ticats are proving that they can beat good teams too.....

For the first time in a long time (and I havent missed an Als game at IWS in at least 8 years), I will be sitting there facing the possibility that the Als might lose.

All that being said, I still think that the Als D is too strong, and that the Als receivers are too good.

Als by 10. You heard it here first.

At first I was going to suggest extra pressure on AC but that only works part of the time. AC is the king of the quick release and while the Cats' D line gets good pressure, they rarely get to the QB consistently. However, they do get good pressure and the key to beating AC and the Als may not be extra pressure but extra attention to the short security blanket type routes that the quick hitting Als offence relies on. I think the Cats' secondary has shown that they can cover deep well enough that making AC push the ball down the field may be the way to go. Pressure, take away the easy stuff, make him press the ball; these all seem to be things the Cats can do and MAY make AC uncomfortable enough to make some mistakes. That, and a clean game on O by the Cats and....

Cats - 28-20.

I thought he retired as a LB for the Giants?

The best way to fix a "crazed dog" is a bigger cat. :wink: LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


it has been proven throw al's timing off and they get all flustered so we need to bring some funky packages and different look's the guys no rookie ......i hope for some good deep pass rush and alot of different looks with pressure from outside and in ......Mix it up

No offense, but how does this make us different from any other team? You throw any QB's timing with his receivers off and his offense ain't gonna amount to much.

how do you kill a snake?, cut off it's head - must contain Calvillo. Setta will also need to be on his game.

Except for last week. Montreal has had trouble moving the ball.

Cahoon isn't getting many catches. A couple weeks ago he only had 1.

The biggest thing is to cover the quick slants.

We should only rush our down linemen and let our linebackers read and react. If you know that you arne't going to get to the QB, don't blitz or rush to many people.

On offense, it's about putting long drives together and putting up points and of we have to punt, make sure that they have a long field.

It's going to be a close game tomorrow and you will see how much better we are than early in the season.