how was street-fest?

anyone just get back from the street-fest?

any news, anything interesting, any pics?

Just got back from Street Fest and it was a good time. Players were meandering through the crowds, signing autographs stopping for pictures, etc..

Peter Dyakowski was also there even though his name is not on the roster.

I've got a few pics which I'll post later (Caretaker, Charlie, Scott). I was hoping that they would bring the players on stage otherwise I would have taken many more.

Charlie said that he wanted players that were good people and not only those with talent.

From what I could see, the players really seemed to be having fun interacting with the crowd as well as amongst themselves(as was noted in an earlier thread).

I checked out the store but was soemwhat disappointed that it wasn't larger but Jarvis Street will be a great place to hold Ticat functions such as pep rallies, street fests etc..

Hammer Head supplied the entertainment :thup: :thup:

Here's to having many more of these type of functions :rockin:

how many people do u htink turned up for it?

I also Was there Great Party.
All The Guys where in a Great Mood..
Will post My Photos soon