How was Nealon?

I didn’t get to see the game, or even listen to it. Obviously a blowout is a good sign, as are two rushing TDs and two passing TDs. The team played well. But, for those who watched the game, how did Nealon really play? Were his passes good? Did he make good decisions? Does he even call his own plays? How much of the Rider success is due to the poor play of Winnipeg? I’m eager to hear accounts from those who watched.

Neelon in my opinion, and I know not all will share my opinion, played quite well. He did not connect on anything too deep which was disappointing. I recall three deep attempts off the top of my head and all were overthrown, but 1 I thought was because Tounkara slowed down to turn and look for the ball. Other than that, he connected quite well with the shorter passes. I think his receivers a few times made his yardage look godd by running for 10 yards after the catch, but all in all it was a good day for Nealon. No interceptions, no fumbles, ver heads up play.

Go Riders!!

I thought it was a great effort by the riders ,most of the time last year they seemed to be playing catch up after the first half .They seemed to ease up in the last quarter which showed a lot of maturity, I would have liked to have seen more back ups in the last quarter and protect the starters. It’s great to see them finally keep a core of players more than two years .

I thought he played a pretty decent game. He used all of his receivers which was good to see. A good win and great start to the season. :slight_smile:

He’s really gotta work on those hitch screens to his receivers. He’s either throwing them too high so that they have to jump to catch them and lose their momentum or they were way too low or even hopped before they got to them.

I’m not disagreeing with your comment its true that he should work on those a little bit. But you are not going to have perfect throws when you run a screen or hitch every 2nd play. I’ve always kinda doubted Marcel Belfiuelle and that play was getting pretty old. I guess i really shouldn’t be complaining Nealone looked really good and i thought we controlled the entire game from start to finish. All around good effort.

Nealon looked good, he needs a little work on the hitch but that will come with more reps. What I like is he attacked the middle of the field with authority. He also did a great job of converting on 2nd and long. Very focused mentally.

everybody looked good. Nealon did more hook slides then he has in the past and maybe he is a little scared of getting hurt. He should be with his past record. Edmonton will be a the only true test. Our O will have it tuff with BC TO, Montreal and Edmonton… But Our D can hold us in against all them. Ricky Ray scaes me …our DB’s will be truly tested.

Yea, I’m not saying he should be perfect everytime. And yea that play has been way over used for the last 3 years, it hardly ever works either, guess it must open up a play later on they think if they continually run it?

I have to agree with Dr Rise. Nealon was good, but great receptions and yrds after a reception by the receivers made Nealon shine more than he did. He was throwing low on hitch passes (which I hate by the way) and he needs to learn to put a little air underneath the ball when throwing long. I’ve never been a Nealon fan, but I can say he played good.

My only question is, when you blow a team out, I would hope that the QB will have threw for at least 300 - 350 which wasn’t the case. The offence did enough to win the game, but without Corey Holmes, the score would not have been all that impressive.

Good game overall, but I’m not going to send the Riders to the cup yet. I give this win to special teams!

Nealon played his game and played it well, he only ran when he needed and he passed the ball very accurately and very smart.

His stats would have looked much better if he didn’t throw the ball to the ground on the 5 or 6 hitches. but hay, Its his 1st full game and who cares about a hitch if he’s hitting the man in stride 7-10 yards down field instead of on the line of scrimage :slight_smile: