How was Buck???

Twice, he has, or almost has, pierced our win with his composure and talent, but that was only coming in late in the game when they are losing. I was pretty confident he would not look so good playing an entire game and losing that bad to Winnipeg kinda shows that he couldn't have done that well.... although to be fair it sounds like the game was lost by BC's defense. Anyway, can anyone give me the low down on how the newest "future star" handled himself in the starting role? Was he a Casey Printers or a Danny Wimprine?

Go Riders!!

Buck was alright before he got injured. It was Stegall destroying a very young Tony Tiller. The Winnipeg fans are still searching for his jockstrap so they can mail it back to us.

I would hope for the Lions' sake they're either teaching that kid what he did wrong and correcting it, or bringing in somebody else. I didn't see much of the game, but from what I've read it doesn't sound like he had a good day.

Is he the guy replacing Washington?

Yes. Before Washington went down, Tiller is actually the 6th DB for passing downs. They had Barron Miles at Washingtons position for a while and then moved Tiller there.

Washington is supposed to be back before the playoffs tho, isn't he? I know it's not as much of a consolation, but since you guys are most likely going to have the bye into the West final, you shouldn't have to worry about somebody lighting the kid up again, when it really matters.

I think Cahoon (Slotback same as Stegall) should light him up this weekend....Perhaps Wally will move Barron Miles into Washington's spot and put Crumb back in at safety.

I Hate to admit it, but I think we're going to lose our 4rth game this weekend. Hope I'm wrong......but

Is Printers palying this weekend?

This weekend yeah, I could see the 4th straight, especially with the injuries at your QB position. Makes it tough to keep scoring with a team if they’re going to throw for a couple hundred yards on a kid who probably needs a bit more seasoning before he takes on big guns like he’s going to have to.

I can’t see Edmonton winning out and you guys losing out, which I think pretty much has to happen for you to not finish first… so even if things are kinda crappy the last few weeks, I’m pretty sure the road to the Cup in the West goes through Vancouver.

Buck was certainly no Printers, vintage 2004; maybe a decent comparison to Printers vintage 2005....all the doubt I had about his shoulder injury being legit was resolved against Winnipeg....after his first series, when he looked good, Printers really showed that there is something seriously wrong with that shoulder...his passes were horrid.

As for Pierce, he didn't look bad, but he didn't look good either. Of the new QBs we've seen this year, Tee Martin was dreadful (how can Winnipeg rate him above Wynn, for gawd's sake??), and Wimprine sure didn't impress me (but Joshua Harris did; I think he has more potential than Wimprine), but Pierce would be about middle of the pack....may have a future in this league, but don't see him as really star potential

Actually, he's in the wrong business......he should be hosting a fishing~hunting show on Spike TV on Sunday mornings....doesn't "Outdoors with Buck Pierce" sound like a natural?

According to CKNW...he is starting.....Subject to???