How unprofessionnal

I learnedearlier that cornerback Lamont Brightfull won't be dressed for Saturday's game against Winnipeg because - get this - he's getting married !

Am I the only one who think this is highly unprofessionnal?

I mean, you have a job that requires you to be there 18 days in a six months span. And you miss one of these days for something which scheduling was in your control. And it's not like getting married was an urgency or something.

Why don't you get married on a week were you don't play on a Saturday or on a by week? Why don't you get married during the offseason?

If Clint Kent is an appropriate replacement, Brightfull should be benched upon his return.

Talk about being whipped. Holy crappola.


Didn't last year, Calvillo's wife was having her baby at around this time? Funny how this season, another player from the Als might be missing... I dunno. Sucks for the Als, anyway.

Third....have you never been in love? :wink:

Let me put it in another perspective.... I have a magic wand to grant you one of two wishes.... What would you like...Two tickets to the Greycup game in Winipeg or A weekend with the entire Montreal Allouette cheer squad in a hotel room with champagne and hot tubs.......???

its possible he is choosing to prove his committment to his wife. Marraige should last longer than football career and the wife should, I say should, come first. :o

Unprofessional? Are you kidding me? 18 days in a 6 month span? You must be joking. There is a lot more commitment than just 18 days!!

People have lives outside of their work. Generally, most all people would agree family comes before business.

If I told my boss I was getting married and would require a day or two off work, and he threatened me with reprecussions for the timing of my marriage .. I'd f^cking knock his teeth out.

Last year I missed the third game of our season because I was getting married ... Thats not unprofessional - thats just having your priorities straight.

Are you single? or ignorent?


Good points but I would hope that I would marry someone who would say "dear, we can get married when the season is over." Ok, not a lot of these types of ladies around I'll admit and you get stuck with what you get stuck with I suppose, yes, the wife does come first for sure.

BleedBlue&Gold, you don't decide when your wife gives birth. You have to take it when it comes. However, you do decide when you get married. And doing it on one of those 18 days during which you have to work shows really poor comittment to your team. Football is a team sport. If you are a starter, your absence could penalize 41 teammates and hundred of thousands of fans.

Sportsmen, I have absolutely no idea how you can establish a link between the date of Brightfull's marriage and the possibility to have an orgy with cheerleaders, but I still like the mental image it produced.

As for your first question, yes I have been in love. I still am. We've been together for five years by now. But we are still not married and it changes in no way our feelings for one another. I can understand that it might be important for Brightful to be married. But the Als will play on a Saturday four times in the year. What's so tough about picking any of the remaining 48?

FootballYouBet, see it otherwise. Brightful is a rookie. He can leave this league as fast as he got here. Shouldn't his wife let him the chance to prove his value while he can (Sanchez is still injured) so he can keep being a football if that's what he wants to do in life.

Beside, I don't think you get married to prove something. You get married because you believe in it.

I must admit Third, as good as an image I painted, you still didn't make a choice! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Interesting topic and posts though!

I know that dum-dum. But the consequences of missing practices, training or group meetings to get married are way different than those of missing a game. These games are what people pay to see. They are what makes your employer pay you. They are what might allow you and your team to be in the playoffs, which has consequences on a team’s solvability.

Miss practices all you want, but try to leave the schedulable events out of the game schedules.

And it does. But will it make you any less of a family if you plan your wedding one week earlier or one week later?

You and I do not affect the destiny of our employers like a pro athlete affect his.

Why don’t you leave yourself out of your arguments? What league do you play in? What are the consequences of a good/bad record? Who pays to see you play? How does losses affect your sponsors (duh!)?

You play to have fun. You’re an amateur. Nobody cares indeed that you miss a game or not.


he probably told the team about this a few months ago.

I agree with ya there, Third. I just wanted to mention last year, at this exact time, Calvillo had a problem, too. (different, I know). Instead, this time, the player won't be playing. Calvillo managed to play last season when the Als came to town... That's all I was saying. Brightfull looks like he'll miss the game. Might mean another BB victory, too. :wink:

Oh I'd take the cheerleaders thing, because nobody could garantee in advance that Montreal would be in the Grey Cup game, whereas with the cheerleaders, one Montrealer would score for sure. :wink:

I knew you'd make the right choice!

Chances are, its not the groom picking the wedding date. Weddings are typically the brides day .. As with most weddings, final decisions are made by the bride ..

Third, I include my example because its a situation that I can relate to. I just play in the AFL (Alberta Football League). Its a semipro/beer league. However, their is still a huge amount of commitment and time invested. Just like any sport, at any level, my teammates depend on me being there. We had over 300 paid fans in Lloydminster, and 250+ paid fans in Red Deer last week. I wouldnt say our win/loss affects our current sponsors tremendously .. But I am certain there would be more sponsors and opportunities for our team if we won more often.

Bottom line is .. its not unprofessional of him - and its rather rude of you to suggest that it is. He's getting married - give the guy a break! or a congratulations even ...

I would be very surprised if your signifigant other shared the same views as you (in regards to this matter).


lol... Shouldn't a wedding be a couple project?

I'll check it out tonight.

Time for a gal's perspective.....

If she respects her future husband and his career choice, she should be willing to move the date. End of story.

All I can say is they prob chose the date before the schedule came out or before he made the team for that matter.

That being said I do understand what T means

Brightful is replacing an injured starter(Sanchez), so he probably did not anticipate that he would be a starter at this point in the season. No one can predict injuries, so he and fiance chose the date figuring that he would not be starting the game. I would say give the guy a break, family and making a commitment to your fiance and family definitely comes first. Its not like he went out and injured a bouncer in a bar , like a certain other selfish player was charged with today.