How unprofessional and classless

After seeing Sandro DeAngelis's post-game interview/diatribe, I list him as the biggest imbecile I've seen in sports for some time, even outdoing many of the recent loud mouth prima donnas in the sporting news (Terrell Owens, etc).

IMO, it was the most disrespectful, ignorant, egotistical display I believe I've ever witnessed and justifies why he didn't receive the "Player-of-the-Year" award he keeps whining about. Perhaps such recipients should not just be rewarded for on-field talent but also for all-round character so maybe look in the mirror Sandros for the reason you didn't win that one.

When they inscribe the Grey Cup, they should put a "CA" next to his name, not for "Canadian Player of the Game" but for "Classless Ass".

Disgusting IMO...

(IIRC, after he kicked a last play winning field goal against the TiCats last year, he simply ran off the field with his arms in the air rather than stay around for the usual post game, opposing teams get together... a true sign of his lack of character)


What did he say??

He's cocky and a pinhead, but he's good. Honestly, he's money on field goals. Better than Setta.

I don't recall his exact words, I've quickly looked for a video of his (seated, in studio) post game interview and haven't been able to find it but he came off as very arrogant and full of himself. DIsrespectful of his opponents. Came off as a poor loser even though he just won the Cup and Canadian Player award. I'll just classify him as a loser, period, that negates his accomplishments on the field.

Just a few of his comments in print...

"The prizes made for sweet redemption for the pair, who were quite outspoken Thursday night after both were finalists at the CFL's awards banquet. Burris finished second to Montreal's Anthony Calvillo for the league's outstanding player honour while DeAngelis was beaten out by Toronto kick-returner Dominique Dorsey for the top special-teams player.

''I got the one I really wanted, but I'm greedy and I wanted the other one too,'' DeAngelis said of the snub at the player awards. ''[b]I know kicking's not the most exciting position in the world, but I want my resume to be disgustingly gaudy."

''When it's all said and done I want people to say that DeAngelis was the best who ever did it. I'm damn greedy because I work hard to be greedy[/b].''

These few comments in print do not do justice to his demeanor and attitude in the live interview.

Congrats to the Stamps for the win but if I were a Stamps fan, I'd be embarrassed, and that says a lot coming from a TiCats fan :slight_smile:

Yeah, he's a jerk. I thought this for a few years since he kicks a winning field goal and either runs off the field and calls his teammates to follow him or does a stupid dance.

So BG nows, he said that he should have won the Special Teams player award and that he couldn't have kicked better than 50/58 field goals. He said he's not being self centred but that if you look at the stats he's the best and asked that if he went 52/58 would he have won it. He wants to be known as the best field goal kicker of all time.

I am glad that he didn't win the award. Kickers in the CFL are complete kickers, not just field goal kickers. If he wants to be known as one of the best (Lui, Ridgeway, Kennard, Cutler, etc) then he has to punt as well. If he was a punter who avg 40 yards per kick this year then maybe he has beef about not winning it.

This guy is a classless jerk and I'm glad the Cats didn't even look at him! Good riddance! We don't need jerks like this on our team.

Thanks guys. My boyfriend also saw it and gave me a description of some of the things he said.

He's a clown. But he really is on the right team. He fits right in there with the many other loud-mouthed cry babies on that team.

T_D you make a very excellent point. It's nearly impossible for a kicker to beat a returner for top special teams players. Much more so if that kicker doesn't punt. How dare he try to liken himself to the greats who not only did both jobs, but often played other positions as well. :roll:

As for him being better than Setta. He wasn't better than Setta last year and this year he had the most attempts of anyone in the league (5 more than his next closest and 13 more than Setta). He should have a higher percentage.

When I remember DeAngelis, I won't remember him as the best that ever did it. I will remember him as a big cry baby who couldn't take the high road and show a little maturity. Is he talented?? Of course he is, but it takes a lot more than talent to make a player an all-time great and he doesn't have it.

I just read an interesting article this weekend about DeAngelis in the St. Catharines Standard. He said he wants and definitely expects a shot at an NFL team next year (as it's always been his dream to play in the NFL). When he was going into high school in Niagara Falls, Ont., his older brother convinced his parents to send Sandro to a private high school ($6,000 per year) over the border in New York state so he could compete with the "better" American high-school football players. He played running back and was also the kicker (which he never really wanted to be). During his high school days he won the award as the best high school football player in New York state. I wonder where he picked up his cocky, arrogant attitude?

I couldn't believe what he said he either.

Totally classless and selfish.

Does he have no respect for anyone else?

That sort of childish and immature rant may be expected from some 5 year olds, but certainly not an adult, athlete or not.

Hey, he's a great kicker and its a shame we cut him during training camp a few years ago...

Regardless, the Stamps felt they were disrespected during the CFL awards this year. And they came into the game with a chip on their shoulders because of that and wanted to proved to everyone they were the best team in the CFL. Which they did.

"Disrespected" is not even a word. One can be respected or not be respected.

After reading and hearing some of his comments, I agree that DeAngelis is a jerk with no class. I certainly have no respect for him. I'm sorry his team won the Cup anyway (I was rooting for the Als), but now even more so. I'm glad he lost the Outstanding Player award, glad we didn't bring him onto our team a few years ago, and hope he goes to the NFL and gets cut.

Other than that, congratulations to the Stampeders on their well deserved win.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Thing is, you don't have to be such a jerk and a cry baby about it.

Just look at how respectful Henry Burris was when he articluted that exact same sentiment.

Nice if it were true, but it isn't. DeAngelis was never in training camp with the Tiger-Cats and he never even had a tryout with the team. Tom Higgins was the only one who gave him his chance at professional football.

You can’t hear the question, but the answer starts at the 2:10 mark:

Also, not only should he not have won the special teams awards, he shouldn’t have won the Outstanding Canadian of the Grey Cup either.
Labinjo should have won that.

He did look very arrogant on the tv interview on tsn.

Is this guy kidding or what.He’s a kicker.
Prefontaine was the best in the league for a few years and Vanderjerk shows up one day and Pre gets the rug pulled out. Wake up Sandro and go make love to yourself because there’s a bunch of you guys out there just waiting for a shot.
What did Peyton Manning say when Vanderjerk started to spout off " I can’t believe we’re talking about a kicker" and where is he know?

Interesting choice of names - since other than Lui, all were kickers but not punters. All the more reason why the greats such as Passaglia and Osbaldiston, IMHO, stand above the Camerons, Ilesics and Ridgeways of the world.

Absolutely right. If there was one player I had to pick as making the most difference in that game
it would be Labinjo. Same applies to the West final.

DeAngelis is an ass. I'm surprised he doesn't have shoulder problems from patting himself on the back that way. He "works his ass off" to do what he does?? He's a friggin field goal kicker for crying out loud. What a doorknob.

I don't doubt that DeAngelis works his butt off. Probably not to the extent that Nick works his off though. If you've ever seen Setta at a practice you know what I mean.

But working his butt off doesn't translate into awards. Setta was by far a more valuable kicker, yet lost the east nomination to the finest returner in the game over the last year. Once Dorsey knocked Nick off, I knew he would likely be close to the unanimous choice for that award.

So Sandro...not only were you not the best Special Teams Player in the weren't even the best kicker.

Poor Sandro. Maybe acting like every kick you made is a Super Bowl winner (even in blow-out games) is the reason the Football Writers didn't pick you. Maybe just maybe, they don't like YOU.

I do think that Sandro deserved the Canadian award. He kicked 5 field goals. Labinjo had 3 tackles, 1 sack and a couple knockdowns. Sandro's 15 points were the difference in the game.

Now, if I knew he was going to be such a jerk at the press conference then I would rather of had Labinjo win it.

There's no doubt in my mind that Labinjo should have won the Outstanding Canadian award. While DeAngelis contributed 15 points, which undoubtedly helped a great deal, Labinjo's 4 pass knockdowns were the real nail in the Alouettes' coffin. Labinjo prevented touchdowns, and the real reason for Calgary's victory was their success in preventing A. C. from scoring. Not only that, but Labinjo seems like a fine person, as well. DeAngelis came off as a self-centred turd.