How ugly will the game tonight be?

I don't think its any secret that between the Lions and the Eskies you will see some of the lamest and most preventable mistakes getting made.

Now, the question is, how bad will it get?

:lol: Love the poll!

I voted for the fourth option since Edmonton gave wins to Montreal and Saskatchewan, and then lied down against Winnipeg.

more like winnipeg came out and dominated the esks but whatever, no love for the bombers..

esks could have won 2 games.. last week was the first game they played that they truly got slaughtered from start to finish.

but really.. what else is new, bombers get no respect. forgot to add as an option "'Say Yes to the Dress' marathon is on TLC at the same time"

...nope, and I'm afraid tomorrow's game won't help that situation change much

im gonna have to agree on that one

Aww, you poor baby... :frowning:

Anybody care to guess on how many fumbles Stamps and Campbell will have or how many times Arceneaux will drop a pass that hits him square in the hands?

Oh, I’m positive Campbell will have at least one drop/fumble.

The battle of the two teams with big name receiving corps who are under performing!

I actually think we'll see a good game tonight, both teams are desperate for a win.

I think Campbell will have a good game tonite. I just have a hunch the Esks will blow out the Lions . If the Esks lose they will be blown out don't think we will have a close game . If the Esks lose how many changes will be made .

Well, just in case tonight's game goes to hell, I have some Corona and Heineken chilling in the fridge. :smiley:

Both teams are bad but it’ll be interesting actually, can the Eskies actually win a game with a qb that has been in the league for a long time?

How many rings does Ray have BTW?

Pretty sure just the two. 2003 and 2005.

...kiddie's beers Chief, if the esks go 0-5 tonight you need some of this in the fridge:

Looks like a Big Gulp. :lol: What is it?

...wrong pic, go look again

Can I assume you've had a couple of those glasses tonight? :lol:

40%, eh? If the Esks lose tonight, and I start drinking that stuff, I'll probably wake up on Tuesday, naked in Vancouver.

RedandWhite, I see your beer and raise you 't Koelschip’s Start The Future, its 60%. Thats almost as strong as cask strength whisky!

That's how I ended up in Vancouver. It was 1998, and I was a Rider fan. Back in those days Jim Daley (and his goofy haircut) was our headcoach. Now he's just screwing up our Special Teams.