how to win a game

although we know holmes is out i feel we gotta run the ball with rads and ranek.
get our line going and win it the trenches. id like to see us use donnelly and filice lined up as te's and run the jumbo offence. i think we can pound the ball on calgary's 3-4 defence and keep their 4 quick lb's (coe,clark,white and grace) honest.
if we can get a good ground game going, then we can use the play action more efficient.

on defence i say we blitz more down the middle (brooks,cox,shaw) and flush burris to were you prefer. joffrey reynolds scares me and i'd key someone on him every play.

Yeh, I like Reynolds too and he could be a big problem without a doubt. But maybe we don't concentrate on him as much as getting heat on Burris and rushing him, I think that is more important.

I think Blitzing shaw is about the biggest mistake you can make, he's your failsafe. If we get beat deep and there's no Shaw, we're screwed.

And make no mistake, they can beat us deep.

i think the trick to winning the game today would be in putting up more points than the stamps do

shaw's never there deep to help out so you mine as well rush him.

I like the idea of running the ball even if we have to use Aidoo as well . Keep running the ball till we wear them down and then it`s time to go deep .

if we get beat deep we're still screwed even with Shaw back there.

he's brutal

For starters, keep the penalties down. Even lousy players can do that. And hope that the field goal kicking improves or better yet, isn’t needed.

Argo fan

#1: Don't beat yourself.