How to watch the CFL playoffs in the UK?

Hoping someone can help. I'm in the UK for a few weeks over the CFL East/West finals and the Grey Cup. I know, $%^& work...and right in the middle of a Rider run too!

Is there someway to watch the games other than online? Does anyone carry the CFL over here? Does anyone know a sports bar in London that will have a Grey Cup party for Canadian ex-pats?


...if I were you I'd contact the Canadian Embassy in Grosvenor Square, a few blocks south west of the Bond Street tube station, they might know of someplace that has it....'course it won't help that when the game starts here at 4:00 it'll be midnight there, you might have a problem finding a pub open around that time...

I would tread carefully, SAT and SUN are all about soccer and NOTHING else. If you do ask, make sure you have and ecscape route ready !

ESPN360 carries game, but you have to have a certain internet provider for it to work, if not you can go to and someone normally streams it onto that site for free. Not the best video, a little delayed, but it is better then nothing

You need somebody back home with a Slingbox.

If you think a pub won't be open at midnight in the UK, you don't know much about the drinking habits of Brits.

Watch it on That's how I watch all the games here in Ireland. Football is the reason for so much sleep deprivation for me :lol:

I also forgot to mention that there is no European broadcaster of the CFL, there was a few years ago but they got rid of it :frowning: so I'm sorry my friend but you have a better chance of seeing haileys comet than a cfl game in an english pub. you can see nfl if that's any consolation 8)

Asking at the Canadian Embassy is definitely your best bet. I’d be shocked if nobody there can get it. There are Canadian Forces in Britain and elsewhere in Europe who get the game, so it must be possible.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I might have to just hook the computer up to the TV and catch the online broadcast. The CFL international stream is ok, but lots of delays etc. TSN streams taped games the day after which are much better, but hard to wait 24 hours to watch, especially if my Riders are in the game!

ALthough I just remembered the Maple Leaf Pub in London, maybe they'll have a Grey Cup party.

tell them all soccer sucks and nfl rules while your there. lol