How to watch the CFL in the US???


In the past I've noticed people post topics discussing the best ways to watch the CFL from south of the border. I noticed, but I didn't read. After all, who cares? Why on earth would I ever move to the US? I love living in Canada, why would I ever change? So I disregarded the topics and moved on to others.

But the implausible has happened. I got a job in Atlanta. I have to move.... to ...the.... sniff sniff Staaaaaaates... :frowning:

Which begs the question: How am I gonna get my CFL fix? I know the NFL network has shown the odd game here and there, but I can't get by on half-measures. I need the whole shebang!

How do I get every CFL game? I'll do anything: streaming video, obscure cable or satellite packages, whatever it takes! Help!

People in To must be so jealous of
Just watch the games on illegal sites... You are still watching the ads, just make sure you patronize Wendy's lots, and you'll live concience free. When in Canada, go to Rona instead of Home Depot...

...Atlanta! hahaha
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thats too bad.

Use an online streaming site as has been said, if you look around you can find some
nfl has like 1 game a week i think

There's also ESPN3, a streaming service from ESPN, but it's only available with certain internet providers. I believe they show all or almost all games.

ESPN3 I have used in the past, but now we have a Canadian dish in the states, so if you have a friend willing to do that, you could also do that. There are a few sites that you can watch it on, I haven't had to look for them, but you can normally find them on game day.

Who cares? I do. I am an American who is proud to say that this season will mark my thirtieth season of being a fan of the Canadian Football League. I want my 3-down, 12-man football fix and I want it now!!!

I use ESPN3 and occasionally a Slingbox.

CFL availability in the US is likely to get a lot better over the next couple of years, thanks to 2-3 new competitors to ESPN (NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and BeInSports/Al-Jazeera sports) that has emerged/is emerging in the last 6 months. All of them stated or hinted they’ll make a real play for ESPN’s market share and subscription fees by going national and getting a lot of live sports contents. When you have that much competition and hours to broadcast and not enough quality contents to go around it’s a win for the niche leagues. Someone will always lose out in bidding for the major US leagues and become serious with smaller leagues with potential like CFL, MLS, lacrosse, cricket league etc. It’s not a big stretch to think CFL will start getting a decent coin too from one of those networks. So hang in there, dmont. I don’t remember the length of the deal ESPN3 signed with CFL or if it’s for internet only. Maybe it’s too late/unworkable for this year but I expect CFL to be on one of those major networks starting next year.


Thanks fellas. ESPN3 sounds like the best option, so that's what I'll probably do. I've never done it myself, but a few of my friends have PCs hooked into one of their TV inputs that lets them watch Youtube on their big-screens, so I'll do something like that.

Here's hoping for some high-def CFL games in the future!

Make sure you look into which internet providers support it first before you make a decision on one. I know when I lived in the dorms I could use it, but when I moved out, ESPN3 wouldn't work with the internet I had at my place. So just a heads up on that.

I am not jealous. I think that I live in the best country in the world. :thup:

he must be sarcastic you cant be jealous of someone living in georgia

It was briefly touched on, but you can very easily get Star Choice/Now Shaw satellite in States, or Bell satellite, thousands of Americans have it, you do not have to have a Canadian send you the receiver, but yes thats a way also. You can purchase a dish on ebay very easily. Bell will work on a directv or Dish network dish, thats even better because then you are not advertising Bell on your biggy , duct tape over the letters is fine also.

Thousands of Canucks have US satellite, it`s only technically illegal, nobody is being bothered on other side of the border as long as you are paying for it.

If you are not savvy enough to hook up yourself, there are people that will do it for you on either side of border.