How to (w)rec(k) a room

What would be your ideal rec room.

Mine would have

  • a ping pong table with 6ft extra space at both ends and 4ft extra on both sides. I play aggressive

  • a pool table roughly the size of the ping pong table.

  • a top of the line air hockey table.

  • two tables that seat up to 6 people each to play card or board games.

  • good music system.

tv system and chairs in a different room.

Sounds good to me. Where's the beer fridge go ? basically a small warehouse?

a room roughly the size of a larger classroom would do

this one looks really nice, but I like to keep the game room and the tv room separate.

I would have a small semi kitchen room off to the side.

On one wall I would have a big screen TV... and a pool table in the middle, that converts to a ping pong table... maybe an old style table top hockey game, and the walls would be painted in my favourite teams colours... one would be the Riders, the Habs & the Moose Jaw Warriors... it would be sound proof, so we could make all the noise we want, and a beer fridge or two... with a washroom close by. If I had enough cash, a whole basement would be a rec room, with the exception of the room for the washer/dryer, freezer & furnace.

Johnny's ideal rec. room?

One that's full of women and alcohol! OHHHHHH YEAH!

Sound proof room that locks from the inside...
Tv a recliner and a pillow
(A safe nap zone)

It would be fun to have a 5 pin bowling lane at home. but sigh, that kind of extravagance just too much for me, even if I had the money.

what about the tool/hobby room/shop. Right now I am using my garage which was just a carport.