How to use Ricky

It becoming quite apparent that Kent Austin is going to have to change his pass first offense if Ricky Williams is to have any success. This offense hangs him out to dry with little or no blocking. Damon Allen might be able to take advantage of oppostion defenses keying on Williams with some play action but Wynn can't, he just doesn't see the field well enough.
IMO they need to bring in a big fullback who can lead block and drop one of the import WR's. Talbot and Palmer are good enough receivers to start and Miles, Bruce and Baker could rotate in the other two positions or replace the fullback on passing downs. It wouldn't hurt if they could play an import at left guard if St. John is out as Landon and Mihelic were over matched IMO last night.

You could tell the plan was to pass even more this season when they didn’t really replace Millington. Then they get Williams and there’s no FB to block for him. Austin lives and dies by the pass which isn’t good for Ricky.

Don't go changing the Argo's offense just for some American "All-Star" Running back! Considering he's only here for 1 years. Austin doesn't care who he is!, he could be Barry Sanders for all he cares.. he isn't going to change his whole scheme just for some "BIG" running back, who seems to be having issues with OUR GAME!

Let Ricky wash the dishes.

How about Austin changing the offense so that it actually works!?! Could someone please explain to me why Austin's so-called 'brilliant' offense tried short inside passes on 2nd and long no fewer than 6 times during the last game? While that may be a higher percentage pass, it is by no stretch of the imagination a guarantee to get 5 yds, let alone the 8 or often more needed on 2nd and long. Brutal.

All you need to know about the colossal, expensive and embarrassing failed experiment known as Ricky Williams can be found in this article by Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun. When the highest paid running back in the league makes around $100K per year, and you pay a pothead $500K per year to run the ball, meanwhile, keeping your $125K per year running back (John Avery) in the press box for next year, since pothead is only around for 1 year, you had better win alot of games, and have attendance way up, to pay the $625 in salaries you are paying your 2 running backs.

Toronto is 1-3, attendance is down, and pothead had 9 carries for 6 yards last game.

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Williams is useless rushing out of the backfield in the CFL, whether the o-line helps or not. You don't run backwards or east-west in the CFL if you are a power back like Williams is. He doesn't seem that "football smart" IMO.

The only way I could see the argos utilizing him effectively now is with some short dump passes after play action(same play the eskimos use a lot of the time). Either way, I think the argos would have a far better running game at this point in the season had they opted to go with Jeff Johnson, or John Avery at RB.

Ok T.O You better use ricky better cause your stinking the cfl up, just like the maplelaofs in hockey, Ha HA -- Ps - Try some gaurd pull sweeps, with ricky at FULLBACK lead blocking for Johnson You know the Canadian. and play action out of the i formation again ricky at Fullback. Split their touches 50% ricky, 30% johnson 10 % slot/wr, reverses , 10% QB - With 60% passing and 40 % running plays. script the whole game- oh and fire austin

Waterboy. Read Mr Simmons column and sorry he feels bad about the Argos getting beaten by the Bombers "of all people". He might want to get use to it because the Argos are coming to Winnipeg for one more time. So. 3 for 3? Why not?

If you guys had a decent O-line, a blocking fullback, and a real commitment to the run, Williams would be tearing it up right now. Don't lay all the blame for the Argos' offensive woes at Williams's feet. I don't know how Kent Austin gets all the accolades he does when year after year his offense grossly underperforms given the available talent.

I'm watching the game now where the Argo QB has been sacked 4 times and Ricky has ran once. WOW, LOL, he just threw a TD!

If you watch Ricky in the NFL you know he needs 20 plus carries and gets stronger as the defense tires. But this is a pass first team in a pass first league so it is not the best fit for him.

It is odd that we cut John Avery and he is a Argo, he was also a Dolphin.

It seems like the CFL is better for smaller, quicker runningbacks.

You got it right.

quick, agile backs in the CFL.

powerful, and bigger backs in the NFL.

Like it was said before, 20 - 25 carries and Ricky will tear it up. However, he won't get that many touches. When you have a the quality of RB that Ricky is in your backfield and a backup (i mean 3rd string) QB starting, you change to a run first and let Ricky do what Ricky can do.

From what I've seen, Ricky can't do much. I heard a big sigh of relief coming from the direction of the Argos admin when Ricky got hurt. Maybe now they can have a running game.

Re- From what I've seen, Ricky can't do much. I heard a big sigh of relief coming from the direction of the Argos admin when Ricky got hurt. Maybe now they can have a running game.
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