How to tryout for the team?

I been playing for a semi pro team and I been wanting to take my talent to the next level. I've played at the college level but was unable to continue. Since then I have been playing for a championship contender team. So I have been wondering how do a player like myself tryout for Stampeders.

..walk-on camps held in various areas around the US, but they are held in the spring, like March or thereabouts, so its a little late for this season...

Well im really talking about next season. I'm ready to take my talent to a bigger playing field.

..this is from the CFL website:

Interested in playing in the CFL? The CFL does not hold general tryout camps, but our teams travel across North America on scouting trips. Please contact individual teams to learn more about their scouting camps. advice is watch this season and watch the various teams to see who has needs in various positions...then after the season is over, contact the various clubs you think you might be a good fit for and find out when they plan to have their southern US camps...

...alternatively, scour the internet for tryout info like this: