How to tryout for the team?

I been playing for a semi pro team and I been wanting to take my talent to the next level. I've played at the college level but was unable to continue. Since then I have been playing for a championship contender team. So I have been wondering how do a player like myself tryout for the Toronto Argonauts?

Just P.M. Area 51. He knows all. If you don't believe me just ask him. :lol:

I doubt you can just tryout whenever, but here’s contact info and you can wait and see when they have local camps next spring.

You didn't say what position. But if you are legit, IMO the CFL talent is very close to the NFL. Just smaller players on average. So if you are a WR or DB your forty speed of 4.4 would get some attention.
Good rush ends are always in demand and a good size there would be 6'2 250 with 4.8 forty.

Canadian citizenship would definitely get some interest. The current Government is taking in lots of refugees.