How to tryout for the team?

I been playing for a semi pro team and I been wanting to take my talent to the next level. I've played at the college level but was unable to continue. Since then I have been playing for a championship contender team. So I have been wondering how do a player like myself tryout for the Blue Bombers?

...Wait for the try-out camps next spring....give our new coach or gm a call or try a walk-on. :roll:

Do you have a number or an email I can contact them with.

You can try the information on the contact us page, but your best bet it to check in periodically to the website and follow them on social media once the offseason starts for information on free agent camps they hold throughout different parts of the US. If you have an agent, you can also have them try contact the head office and send over any film. With NFL camps about to open soon, much of the management will be roaming the different camps looking for any prospects that may pry loose, they may consider doing private workouts for some players as the go along.

Okay thank you I will talk to my agent and see if he can set up a workout day.

Just a word of advice. If your AGENT couldn't come up with the contact info, you may want to select a new agent.

Ok...... I'll bite , what is the "semi pro" team you played for ? and throw in a name and college team ? :cowboy:

I call BS :cowboy:

St. Clair City Seminoles in the gmfl. And I was played at lindenwood belleville but was hurt in my first game. but i been playing semi pro for the last two years