how to throw a spiral

I would like to see if Smilin Hank can actually do it...I know it was raining and all...but for a lot of last season and for most or this short one, I have to ask, what is the problem with Hank and his ability to throw a crisp pass? Does anyone else agree...I know , I know his yardage had been ok but holy crap he is paid to throw a football and it comes out like it is a wounded albatross. I am concerned

Ducks and rain go well together.

I have a long list of concerns and Hanks ability to throw a spiral is nto one of them .
I have seen hin throw some lam ducks last year but he is the kind of guy that is either on or he s not ..when he is on ..he make is al look so easy . In Toronto , he was like 8 for 8 to start the game and Dunnigan said he was doing everything out there including sweeping the floor .

I find Burris can get flustered but for the msot part he is pretty good and pretty accurate and right nwo about the least of our worries...Last week it was very tough to throw as the balls became heavier as well and water logged ...i can'tr blame him for that ..i saw about 5 dropped passes on him ...3 by gant , 1 by ellingson,

Henry Burris generally throws great passes and yes, they are usually tight spirals. In the Edmonton game,
his offensive line stunk the place out causing Henry to hurry most of his passes.

Don't forget, they weather also played a role in the pass game, but not as much as our "O" line's inability to
give Hank the time he needed.