How to stream CFL in 2021

Did the CFL livestream option go away? The link is dead:
livestream - << link works, news link << link is dead

How can I stream CFL games in 2021?

Thank you.

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Best site here:

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Hallelujah. Less than one week until kick-off.


Thank you for the reply sir. Unfortunately I live in Canada and apparently cannot use that service because of that. Looks like my only option is to pay for a monthly subscription to the TSN stream @ $20 a month. I'd rather spend my money with the CFL, pay for single game streaming.

If anyone has any other ideas I'd be open to them, thanks.

Looking forward to kickoff on thursday!
CFL, gotta love it!

TSN 1,3,4,5 for me costs $15/month. They force me to buy TSN 2 where soccer is played, that cost $7.00/month. I don't want to support MLS and will give them an extra $20/month if the block it all out. This weekend I will sign up because the CFL season is about to start. Long ago, CFL had their own network called CFN. You guys in the CFL want to try again?

Help has been sent to those inquiring. It's always available here in these times of dire need plus I'm on a Mission from God like these guys were back in the day. For those of you under about 40, here's some help on that too.

Lest you judge me, even the Queen of Soul backed off any charges of blasphemy by The Blues Brothers mind you.

$15 per month for all 5 TSN feeds + the App

Full list of TSN supported providers is here


Yes. I live in Canada too. I checked with my Internet provider. And I have to get a basic cable package with TSN in it in order to watch the games on TSN. If you live in Canada, then Bell (mostly here in T.O. as far as Internet and cable provider) could do that for you. Price is going to vary so you should just check with them.

i checked into Teksavvy but that won't work for me, from their site:

Blockquote TekSavvy TV is exclusive to residential TekSavvy Internet customers with a minimum download speed of 15Mbps or higher in selected regions of Ontario and Quebec.

I'm not in the regions that they serve. Thank you for the reply.

Reddit streams just aren't dependable enough, need to know in advance that for sure I can watch the game. Thank you for the reply however.

HumberValleyArgo, I have no cable or satellite package (I steam everything), so I am going with TSN live stream from here:

$19.99 a month plus tax (they also offer single day and 6 month packages) for access to everything on tsn and I can stream from any of my devices. So, if you need another option for TSN you may want to consider if this would work for you. Cheaper than getting a basic cable package + TSN.


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But if you get cable then you don't have to stream ... It's dumb.

I recall the CFN network. The CFL could not do that now, they are heavily and I emphasis heavily dependant upon the money that they get from the TSN contract.


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I don't need cable (or the cable bill), I stream everything that I am interested in for free using a variety of legitimate streaming sites (such as tubitv for example), one not so legit site for the few nhl games that I watch and I use an app called Kodi for everything else. I stream to my pc, tv, phone, no problem and I have unlimited internet so no issues there. There is nothing dumb about being able to watch everything that I am interested for free - the one exception is CFL games and I am happy to pay for that - I would be even happier if I could pay the league directly.

To each their own, cheers.

It didn't mean that it was dumb to stream, I was trying to say that it is dumb for them to offer a streaming service that you can only get if you already have cable. Someone gave the link to TSN streaming and you can't use the TSN streaming unless you verify that you already have cable. THAT is rather useless. THAT is what I meant is dumb.


Lol I get you, you don't need the cable service, see the link in my post. Cheers

Fyi my post with the link and description are awaiting moderation before being posted, hopefully up soon.

Here is a screenshot from the TSN streaming page.

But if you like your sports fan especially a CFL fan it's almost a necessity to subscribe to TSN.
If you are a Blue Jays fan you subscribe to Sportsnet
If you are a Raptors fan you subscribe to Sportsnet
If you are an NHL fan you need Sportsnet
If you are a NHL Canadiens fans you need RDS

Small price to pay if you are a sports fan.
If the only sport you watch is the CFL then buy the TSN streaming at $99 for 6 months, that's $8 a month over a year.

If you are in the US you can buy the same TSN package and get a VPN to stream

Likely an app only thing for streaming. Buy app on top so you can actually stream the content that would have access to via cable subscription to TSN. That's how the technology works.

Forget TSN .... if you're lucky to have Internet & TV bundle with your service provider use it for connectivity to your TV services. I've used my Bell service via internet from US, Dominican Rep and Barbados with no problems.

But you need to use a VPN

No you don’t just a wifi connection then you watch your tv online simple clean