How To Stop Teams From Giving Up Safetys

Nothing is more boring then watching the punter in the endzone running around with the ball to kill time, then conceding a two point safety.

Khari Jones suggestion is that a safety should be changed from two points to five points. This would then force teams to punt the ball out of the endzone, instead of giving up two points to save field position.

I think if it did go to 5 points, teams would be forced to kick out of the endzone, which would produce more scoring and touchdowns. I say do it.

Khari is an idiot for making the suggestion. Football is about strategy. In the Grey Cup, the riders gave up a safety that made the game 1 score game. Putting more pressure on the defence to hold.

The safety is a good the way it is. THere are some coaches that won't give up the safety at all....where as others who us it as a strategic way to get better field position.

I agree with mike...leave it as it is about the strategy.....

However I will never understand how people(not specifically you berezin) find the safety boring but have no problems watching a punt go out of bounds

I say the way we play safeties are part of the CANADIAN game. To be honest, berezin99, Im somewhat suprised that you would want to get rid of this aspect of our Canadian game...

making it 5 points is the worse thing i have ever heard. the safety is one on the many stragegies sued in the cfl to keep field position and prevent the opponents from landing a major.

If we're going to give opponents 5 points for a safety, why not just get rid of the safety completely? Who is honestly going to be dumb enough to concede 5 points? It'd make the safety completely irrelevant. You might as well just get rid of it.

This ranks right up there with the fox red glaring hockey puck lol. With no disrespect to the poster awarding 5 points for safety touches would be a major scoring change for the CFL and would re write how the game is played.

There are many little things that could improve the game, this is not one of them. The current 2 points and kick off ( loss of possession ) works well. Defensive battles are like chess games - and the use of giving up safeties to effect better field position is an important tool of the game

How about after a team gives up the safety, give the other team who is going to recieve the ball the option of taking it at their 45 yd line.

5 pts, no way

However, I do say they should kick off from the 10 yrd line, if not the goal line. All pts should be earned, not just given for field position.

How about leaving it like it is....
If you gove up the safety the opposing team get 2 points no need to change it.
Dont you think the D earned those points by keeping the O pinned dep?

nope, they didnt earn those points till they actually tackle the guy in the endzone when he didnt want to be tackle in the endzone. Fear of the opposing offense and or lack of confidence in your own defense is as much responsible for giving up the safety.

Otherwise, the D didnt earn the safety anymore than the offense earns a TD by marching to the 5 yrd line.

Or how about, if the offense gets to about the 50 and stands a good chance of pinning the other team inside their 10, maybe the other teams should have the option of giving up 3 pts so they can get field position at the 35?

But it is not always fear of their offence or non-confidance in your offence.

I kick from 10 yards inside your endzone is pretty much an automatic field goal no matter what your D does.

If the receiving team has the option of taking the ball at the 45 there is no garauntee that they will get points. They will still need to string together 2 or 3 first downs to get into FG range. It makes giving up the safety a bit more of a tougher decision to make, which I believe Jones actually would like to see.

well, my solution to that, as I have been advocating for yrs now, is to move the goal post to the back of the endzone. I think it sucks that it takes so little for teams to get into field goal range as is.

the thing about this is well. if they defence makes the play to shut down the offence forcing to punt from inside their goal line they have earned the points of a safety.

One way to prevent safeties is to have more innovative and accurate offenses that can get the ball out of their own red zone to begin with. Another way is for defenses to get more two and outs in the other team's territory; this prevents the punter from being able to pin an offense deep most of the time.

thats like saying if the offense moves the ball to inside the 35, they have already earned the FG. They have earned nothing, til the ball goes through the uprights.

Well scoring is down in the league the last several years compared to what we are used to. So they make a safety 5 points, then someone would want the field goals increased to 6 points as they're worth more then a safety. How about 10 point TD's. That would all increase the scoring.
But seriously we need to leave the rules a lone. The original CFL game is still the best IMO and that includes the hash marks back closer to the sidelines. That would do more to open up the game then anything else IMO.
The rules were changed concerning the safety quite a few years ago where a team now has to kick off instead of retaining possession.
Generally we see more safeties in the fall of the year when wind is a large factor in a game.
The Grey Cup safeties were more because Kerry Joseph couldn't hit his receivers. Austin knew if he kicked, Winnipeg would have had 3 points minimum.
It was good strategy but of course Winnipeg fans don't think

Leave the rule as it is. I have no issues with safeties being given up.

berezin99 you are looking at football only from an offencive point of view.