How to Shore Up Our Receiving Core?

Since it seems highly likely Thelwell is going to sign with Calgary (although not confirmed not), the Cats still have some options for WR/SB.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Jamal RICHARDSON - FA - He is probably the best after THELWELL, but is only 24 yrs old, has better size and speed. He would be a nice fit at 1 WR spot.

  2. Frank CUTOLO - FA - This guy disappeared after making the mistake of playing for the Renegades, however, the year before in BC, he had a great rookie season and is also Canadian. I dont think it would hurt at this point to give him a call to see if he can still play.

  3. TRADE - I would love to see this happen.....Lets trade one of our 2nd round picks and an O-lineman to Montreal to acquire SB and Hamilton native Dave STALA. Given the Hamilton (Stala) and Montreal (Desjardins) connections here, I think we could make this happen.

  4. Finally, take a look at the Lions, Eskimos, and Stampeders rosters at These teams gotta have 30 WR's signed right now. Theres no way all of the them will stick and most of them have had great seasons in the CFL. If push comes to shove, we wait it out and see who gets cut during camp. It couldnt hurt.

Jamal Richardson looks like a good prospect.

I read that he is going to show his wares
to some NFL teams in the next 2 weeks.

he wont stick.

Could be a good prospect for hamilton though.

I don't think there's any doubt Desjardins will go after Richardson. Richardson is tall (6 foot three), which was one of the big improvements Desjardins wanted to make to the receiving corps.

Brock Ralph is also 6 foot three. And Alston is a taller receiver, too (6 feet).

I predict that Pat Fleming and another Ticat will be traded soon for another name receiver.

It'd be great to FINALLY have some tall receivers.

Flick, Amerson, Yeast, all great receivers, but all short. I'm sick of being beaten by huge receivers like copeland and Tucker and not being able to fight back in a similar manner.

also, hate to start soundin like mikey for no apparent reason.

But Ray Thomas would also fit this bill nicely as a young canadian receiver. Between Ralph, Morreale and Thomas that could be a decent NonImport lot of receivers (not to mention any draft picks and current guys fighting for a fourth spot.)

Ralph's got the speed to be a deep threat consistantly, Thomas is big enough to be one hell of a downfield blocker...

Throw in Alston, who may not be a burner, but is tall and can bring in balls.

one more inside receiving threat and we could have a fairly decent passing game (depending on QBs and Oline strength of course... oh... and Working...)

He Looking for Job in the NFL at This Time..

instead of trading away all of our talent for one or two no name player go after a few big guys like the flick trade thorw in a draft pick we could of got richardson

I like Richardson better then Thelwell 10 years younger and just starting to play well before he was injured.
I was thinking Frank Cutolo as well, he might be a good guy to have for depth and can play both WR and SB. I don't think he's Canadian though. Is he?
Also just a thought with the Stamps reportedly signing Thelwell could Ken-Yon Rambo or Elijah Thurmon be on their way out? Even in Sask they just brought in Kalil Hill and traded for DJ maybe Grant or Jason French will be looking for a home? Not that they'd be an upgrade but we'll see.
I think we'll see a lot of "big names" getting cut in TC around the league.

Cutolo is an american

how about moving Holmes to slot?

I think Holmes' versatility is a strength.

First and foremost he should be our number one returner, especially if the league reverts back to the older blocking rules.

I also think he'd be very effective interchangably at RB and SB by exposing the opposing defences to different looks.

[quote="Espo"]Cutolo is an american[/quote

He was born in america but he grew up or something like that hear so there for hes counted as candian

no… he’s counted as an import… check and his profile if you don’t beleive me. (I thought the same thing a few years back)

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I don't like the idea of bringing in Cutolo. Sure he had a great year in BC, but who doesn't? It's the system. Buono churns out players left and right, he always has, especially QBs. But once players leave his system they don't produce at nearly the same levels, think Chris Brazzell.

I think we'd be best served signing new receivers. I don't care if they are short or tall, fast or slow, as long as they can get open and catch the ball, they can play on my team anyday.

I believe a good way to boost our recieving core would be to add Corey Hathaway. Now i know your first thoughts are going to be "isnt he a fullback?" The answer is no, hes a Tight End. yes folks i said it, TIGHT END. It woul give us another dimension of recieving threat, as well as some depth behind Radlien. Hathaway was a Tightend in College so he knows his stuff. hes just be converted into an "H-back" type.

The CFL landscape is soon going to be
littered with Salary Cap victims.

Good receivers are going to be released or traded soon,

especially some from Calgary and Regina.

And the scouting department will find plenty.

Especially since we made sure we dropped huge amounts of salary already... this might actually be part of a plan.

What do you think, sayers of doom and gloom?