How to Ruin a Great 50/50 Draw 101

It seems to me the 50/50 draw at Ti-Cat games used to be something special. I remember jackpots upwards of $16-18k on a regular basis. Even when we were drawing flies, the jackpots were in the neighborhood of $10k. This was good for the charities and good for the fans. A few years ago, they started messing with a winning formula and things haven't been the same since. Saturday's jackpot was just over 3 grand, and this new 15 minutes or they redraw rule is ridiculous. When you're engaged in an exciting game, who's thinking to look at the scoreboard for the 50/50 numbers? I ended up just tossing my tickets. I'm not sure how to fix it now, but team management really screwed this one up. Local charities are going to suffer the consequences.

So that's why the prize was never claimed last week! :wink:

Don’t forget that there was 2 draws!

This rule is not a Tiger-Cats mandate, it is a lottery licensing requirement that needs to be met by the groups who run the 50/50 draws at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The non-profit organizations (who do a great job of taking care of the 50/50 draws at each Ticats game) must comply with the guidelines dictated to them by the lottery licensing office when they apply for a license.

On behalf of these groups, which include great local charities and minor sports organizations, we thank you for your continued support of the 50/50 draws.