How to purchase Guelph parking permits?

Looked high and low on the Tiger-cats website but I cannot find a way to purchase parking permits for home games in Guelph. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

To those of you thinking of attending a Tiger-cat home game in Guelph, be prepared to have to park at least one kilometer away from the stadium. All the parking lots near the stadium are prepaid only. I have health problems (2.5cm kidney stone) and walking a kilometer is not an option.

Also, for those of you with health problems, be aware that your only toilet option in the east stands appears to be porta-johns after a 15 minute wait at half time. Not complaining, just want to warn others. The good news is that even if you do pee your pants, no one will be able to tell because you will already be soaking wet from the torrential rain.

If you go early enough there's parking in lot P24,(see map) $20, 3 minute walk.
Great lot for tailgating,but you have to get there early for any parking.

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Call the cats office and ask for a ticket rep he should be able to sell you any available parking passes

You can park for free in the University ground west of Gordon St. It's about a 10 - 15 minute walk tops. Near the OMAFRA Building or behind the Vet College.

Cats should have never agreed to play their games in Guelph. Just poor decision making from the top.

Guelph ain't too bad as a temp home field. I'm not complaining. I just have some health problems at the moment that make it difficult for me to walk long distances (even 10-15 minutes is too far). I tried P24 for Week 2 but it was full 2 hours before the game. I will call the Cats ticket office to see about purchasing a prepaid parking permit.

You can park directly across the street from the stadium for $20 so that's not bad. The problem is that all the lots are prepaid only and the Cats website has no info about acquiring parking passes. The site has info about the parkiing lots, just no info about purchasing permits for those lots.

Pigskinned, I have a season pass for Lot P-19 which is directly across the street from the stadium. It's the official tailgate lot of Guelph 2013. It is sold out for the remainder of the season.

Because I am now travelling by bus with a bunch of friends I would be willing to sell you the remainder of my lot passes. I can also sell you individual game passes if you won't be attending all games. 20 bucks each, same as the Ticats would charge.

Let me know if you're interested.

PM sent.

Thanks, Barry