How to prepare for a doubleheader

1 - BEER. I have about 120L of dark German lager in the fridge from a micro/ubrewery with a nearly 100 year old mug
2 - Snacks. 3 bags of Hawkins (Canadian) cheezies. The crunchy kind, not the type that is like styrofoam
3 - Food. Pepperoni pizza, can never go wrong there
4 - Misc... Good tv, dogs who seem to really like watching football, a washroom 4m from a very comfy couch and a coffee table with a bottle opener on it.

If you fine folks think I am missing something, please let me know. Football as you all know is serious business!

someone shoulda told the eskimos that before the game.

I think they got told that at half time.

gotta find a way to take a break inbetween.

too much TV can hurt.

Good call...maybe hop on the exercise bike at halftime?

Can’t stop at half time. Might miss something Matt d says