How to negotiate a Toronto trip?

Dear fans of the Toronto Argonauts,

My son and I want to come and watch this Thursday night. We live in Ottawa. A downtown hotel will kill us financially, and we are pathetically unfamiliar with the metro and TTC. We need help getting to and from the game from an external place - say, Oshawa, or better somewhere closer - so that we can reduce our accommodation costs and afford the trip.

We will be travelling by train from Ottawa.

Can anyone help my son and me to attend a game at BMO this week?

Thank you.


If you are travelling by train, presumably it is to Union Station. You could then switch to a GO Train to either west (Burlington) or east (Oshawa), stay in a cheaper hotel there, and take GO Train back to Exhibition where the stadium is located. But that would add approx. $90 extra (for eight extra GO trips), which would eat up most if not all of the savings from a cheaper hotel in the suburbs. IMO you may as well go with the least expensive accommodations you can find in Toronto, and save all that time and money you’d otherwise spend travelling back and forth.

Thanks, PW13. Everything you advised makes perfect sense.

We are amenable to staying in Hamilton, for that matter. Taxi to Union after game, Go Express to Hamilton, home and cooled in Steeltown in time for the fourth quarter of the late game.

Just lazy, and kind of dumb.


Has anyone else a suggestion on how to execute a road trip from Ottawa to Toronto for a CFL game? Someone from the League office, please?

If you’re staying in Oshawa, it’s easy. Take the GO train from the station in Oshawa. Trains run every thirty minutes and there’s a stop directly at the Exhibition (one stop past Union Station) where BMO Field is located a five minute walk from the station stop. Allocate about one hour and twenty minutes to get from Oshawa to Exhibition station.

Trains continue running east from Exhibition toward Oshawa until approximately midnight so you should be fine. Safe, fast and effective. The civilized man’s preferred mode of travel in the Greater Toronto area.


If you are indeed travelling from Ottawa by VIA train, I’d recommend getting off at Guildwood Station in the eastern part of Toronto instead of travelling all the way to Union Station downtown. The fare would be slightly cheaper. More important though the motels/hotels near Guildwood Station on Kingston Road would be much cheaper than those in downtown Toronto:

Plus it would only take about 27 minutes to get to Union Station by GO train and about 40 minutes to get to Exhibition Station. (There’s a seven minute stopover at Union Station.)


Looks like the other posters have got you covered. Really, anywhere near a GO Station is fine. Up to you to decide how much money you want to save vs. how much time you want to spend on a train. GO routes all end up at Union Station anyways, so navigating won’t be too difficult.

If you haven’t gotten accommodations yet, I’d suggest checking Air BnB as well.

We ended up at the Radisson Admiral, not a big difference from what we might have paid elsewhere.

But, we went to BMO to buy game tickets and there was nobody manning the box office. What the heck?!

Thank you to the kind and helpful souls who took the trouble to offer us guidance. We are looking forward to a beautiful evening for football tomorrow night at Exhibition Place.


Well that right there might be a big part of the explanation for the trouble the Argos have had filling the stadium. It always helps to have someone to actually sell the tickets to interested fans.


You might though try the ticket office within the Scotiabank Arena tomorrow. They sell tickets to every manner of sporting spectacle from Raptors games to cock fights. Open all day!


This might be helpful: Ticket Information | BMO Field

“The Ticket Office is staffed from March until November (exact dates dependent on team schedules), on event days beginning three hours prior to event start time.”

One would think the ticket office would be open at least during normal business hours the rest of the week.

Sucks there was no one there, but I totally understand why they don’t keep the box office manned on non-event days. That area is a bit of a ghost town when there’s no events going on. I’d imagine 99% of ticket sales are done online or over the phone these days anyways.

My word! Talk about luxury accomodations!

I didn’t realize we were dealing with a big shooter here!


We love the CFL that much. If you travel by train from Ottawa, you will find these lodgings suitable for a football game. We found this hotel when the Argonauts used to play in the Rogers Centre.

It feels that some of you are making fun of me and my son. Maybe you want to chase us out of town.

But we are here to support the Toronto Argonauts and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the CFL in general.

If you think that’s laughable, we think it’s laudable, and encourage more Toronto fans to match our commitment to the League.

We will have a wonderful time tonight by the lake shore and the Gardiner. Somewhere in the park will be a pair of diehards - one old school and one next generation - appreciating and savouring every moment.

We love the CFL, Toronto.

We return to being Ottawa fans on Friday.

What the hell man?

This thread is filled with people trying to help you.

Don’t worry! You’re not special. I make fun of everybody, young and old, rich and poor, alike. And it’s all good natured (unless you’re an NFL fan of course).

The hotel is in a great location to stay if you’re taking in an Argo game though. It’s a casual 3.5 kilometre thirty minute stroll to BMO Field. But if it’s raining or something, the Harbourfront LRT/streetcar to the Exhibition stops right out in front of your hotel.