How to Lose Football Games 101

Another painfull lose in a very winable game. Should have had this game wrapped up if Miles could have hung on to that pass in the endzone.

I hope Glenn recovers from the vicious late hit that Eiben put on him on the final drive... Eiben should be suspended for that....what hurts is the refs finally have the guts to flag Stegall for being offside & it ends up not costing Winnipeg anything.

A very promising season is looking bleaker & bleaker each game.

To put it in perspective, you're still easily within reach of the 4th place west team, and ahead of Hamilton, could be a lot worse.

it was a real toss up game, both teams had thier chances and both teams just about blue it.
could have been a show down of whats yet to come.
the A's still have a good shot, hopefuly they will be there in the playoffs.

Yeup... that one hurt...

I wouldn't give up hope yet. You guys played a lot better than you have been over the last month. This could be a sign that things are starting to turn around.

Butler had a decent game, completing 56% of his passes for 155 yards and a TD. He didn't throw any picks.

thats true the A's gave the blue a good scare
who knows the A's still are a good football team,
also the CFL is still the best with a great East vs West format,to all fans keep cheering for your team, never say never.
may the best two teams make the Grey Cup the greatest show ever.

maybe not, but he did fumble which in my opinion its just as bad as a pick. a turn over is a turn over. Argos are destined for 3rd place right behind Montreal. I'm almost willing to bet on it.

And why is third place bad? Sure, they won't get a home playoff game, but at least they'll have a shot at making the playoffs.

Look at the Oilers 2 years ago. They were the 8th seed, but they made it to the Stanley Cup. They took the series to 7 games, even after their star goalie was knocked out by the opposing team.

No need to give up hope yet.

Ya well it's the same thing over and over again with the Argo's they play alright and it's a very close game usually them up by 1 or 2. With about 30secs - 1min in the fourth quarter the other team gets a huge drive the defnce aren't able to stop then get a FG for the win. I was kicking myself after that last game agianst the bombers because it's the same reason they keep loosing and it's really dissapointing.

Ya, the bend don't break defence works well with a decent offence and terrible against a game winning drive. Let's all march down the field for a field goal, yaaay, we lose again.

This is a easy one,

play the ticats

Well we're playing them today lets see what happens

Easy one, have Jackie Chan as your QB (Timmy Chang)and let him throw 4 pics a game. 10 bucks says thats his last start of the year

Butler threw 4 picks and he is still going. I guess we are putting our faith in old man Allen to backup Bish, now that Mcmahon is gone.