How to limit penalties during a game

There’s a big difference between “no infraction has occurred” and “an infraction occurred, but the ref made a judgement call that it might not affect the outcome of the play so he let it go”.

One of these is a penalty, and the other is not. I still say that if an infraction truly has no outcome on the play, the player should be penalized for stupidity because there was no reason whatsoever to break the rules and hurt your team.

How does the ref who is watching that also know where the QB is looking when those things could easily be 30 yards apart from each other? That would require a lot more huddles and discussion, and flags going down that turn out to not be called.

These penalties when you hit someone on the sideline...IMO are BS. If he has let up, sure, but you see one or 2 of them per week were it is like "yup, I would have been hitting him to." That does not amount to a lot of penalties, but it has frustrated me the past 2 seasons.
Agreed 100%. If the ball is in play and the play is live, you don't let up. A guy can be "going out" at such an angle that it gets him a first down, and as a defender you want to change that angle so he doesn't get it. That's not a dirty play, that's your job as a defender.

The standard here should one of those more gross attempts at unnecessary roughness, not a guy making a football play on a live ball.

The hand play seemed to get a little more lenient later in the season, but it is still over the top. There were a lot of games that the D would have been better off having 3 safeties deep , letting the guy catch the ball, and then attempting to just destroy him with a hit. You are putting your team at risk by defending is ridiculous. The idea that you can not steer or rotate a WR...I get it, but there were feather hands on backs that were called all too often.
I've noticed that too. PI has changed definition so many times that it takes me the first half of every season to figure out what the standard is. It's hard to get right, but we need some consistency.
Above all...they need to get the Challenge back as a coaches challenge...not a team of staffers watching in slow motion replay and then telling him what to do. This would be insanely simple to do.
Yep. This came out of a desire to eliminate wrong calls, but wrong calls are a fact of life. Keeping the flow of the game going and the energy level up has been totally deprioritized in favor of constant momentum killing play stoppages, and it needs to be reined in.
I see penalties like illegal formation, illegal participation, too many men in the huddle, no end, etc....these used to be rarities, and now they happen all the time...what has changed? Why are these mental errors now suddenly commonplace? Could be a lot of things, BUT, the reduced work week of the new CBA seems to likely be too restrictive. It is not enough time to do things properly.
Reduced practice time is a factor in this. Given the time they do have, drills in basic things like this are harder to get in. I'm not even talking pads-on type of drills, but simple formation drills and making play calls in practice so players have to run on/off the field appropriately. Do it enough times and it becomes second nature to get it right, but there isn't enough time right now.

Turnover is also an issue. Teams that have played together for a while are MUCH better at this than when new guys are constantly coming in. Turnover has been pretty high and with 1 year contracts, that won't be changing.

"They found they had 170 penalties that shouldn't have been called last year, or that they got wrong."

The last couple of years really was not the bad for timing of the replays. I would sooner they check it and get the call right then to have screw ups that cost a team a game because they did not take the time to get the right call.

It looks like there is real action in reducing penalties . Glad to see the CFL take back control of the game in a good way. They are giving greater lee way in the linemen coming out of their three point stance and correcting the bad calls on the field . It should make for a cleaner and efficient flow to the game . Looking forward to better results in 2016 .