How to kill a midget the PC way

Okay . I’ve had it with this PC Snowflake SJW BS . It looks like they’re at it again . This time targeting the term “Midget” for minor league hockey and other sports . Unbelievable , why stop there ? Pee Wee ? Unacceptable, it’s just another way of saying the “M” word , how dare they ? We can’t have that , nope , no way . What’s next ? Old Timers League ? Yup get rid of it . Definitely a derogatory term for Senior citizens . We can’t have that , nope , not acceptable…It’s gotta go and pronto !!! While we’re at it the term Beer League has to go as well . I mean we can’t promote drinking now can we ??

Boy I tell ya , this world is going to the “opposite place of Heaven” in a hen basket . :o

Here’s more on the Midget Killing :

…you have people openly supporting the merge of the CFL and the XFL on one page and this is the hill you decide to die on?

…I played hockey as a kid and to tell you the truth I cannot even remember what age groups these terms apply anymore, so I’m not seeing what the big deal is…convert the system to how soccer does it (U8, U10, U12, etc.) and move on…

It sounds like the primary reason for the change is just because “U12” is just much clearer than “midget”, not politics. And that apparently other leagues already use the age numbering system. What’s the big deal?

at worse, it might be PC going too far, but even so, so what, there are more important battles to fight.

regardless of reason, the soccer way works for me.

…probably because it’s like the metric system, it makes sense…

OK, I’ll bite: How do they kill midgets in soccer?

make them head the ball, over and over and over again.

make them play with two balls ? ;D

How many metres did BLM throw for last Sunday ?

The metric system only makes sense because people here are now used to it. In some cases it is easier to use but in most incidences it doesn’t mean squat to the common man and does not make anything better or easier.

Which system of measuring heat should we use today Celcius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Newton, Reaumur or Rankine ? There are more !

…the entire planet uses it, outside of Burma, Liberia and…wait for it…the US…

…that’s what I meant when I said it makes sense, because it’s an agreed-to system…it really doesn’t matter what system is used, like your temperature examples, as long as it’s unified imo…

…for argument sake i’d go with Celsius, somehow having a baseline reference tied to the state of change for water, a universal constant, seems to make sense…so does kelvin I guess but it’s baseline reference is not really useful to the everyday world…Fahrenheit is just weird, and those other ones I’m sorry but I’ve never heard about them, are they useful?

…ah, the off-season is upon us…

I think Fahrenheit is more metric than Celsius. At least Fahrenheit uses 0 to 100. 0 is friggin cold and 100 is bloody warm, 50 is middlin… Celsius sidles up to 0 as the freezing point but who has ever experienced 100 Celsius. 40 is tops for most and the same going under 0.
The only time I have found metric useful is in small precise measurement. It’s easier to divide, multiply, add and subtract. The medicine/chemistry field finds it easier too… It really doesn’t matter what we use to measure long distance. An AU was first measured in miles and now can be measured in kilometres but it doesn’t matter because an AU is an AU.

Horsepower-550 FOOT/POUNDS per second.

BTU-the amount of heat to raise one POUND of water one degree Fahrenheit.

Nobody buys their TV in metric.

Horse racing in furlongs. Horse height in hands.

People in the UK still use STONE weight= 14 POUNDS

There are many more examples and I think they are here to stay…I am not saying we shouldn’t use the metric system but if all your friends were jumping off a bridge, does that mean you should too ? ;D

YES , it’s going to be along off season. :wink:

…the bumpkins in the UK should get out of medieval times…