How to honour Pete

I think they should hand out bowler hats to all and make sure we do a great half time presentation to him! he deserves it!!

the argos gave damon allen a new truck for his accomplishment. maybe bob young should give pigskin a car for his 30 years of service or at least season tickets for life

Wall of Fame???

Hall of Fame inductee (builder category)


I agree

All 3 ideas are great, especially the Hall of Fame induction

it would seem a natural for the Cats Claws Fan Club to honour one of the biggest Cat Fans by enshrining him on their wall of honour

I love the bowler hat idea. Whatever we can do to honour Pete would be great!!!

There has been and always will be a Pigskin Pete. Whoever ends up with the job, you have mighty big shoes to fill. There will never be another one like Paul Weiler!

he is on the wall of fame already, he was honoured around 1998

World record at 55 yd line for most time under beer in a giant glass. A Houdini trick just like his disappearing acts this year.

For anyone who might not know the Wall Of Fame is located on the outside wall of the North Side of the stadium .

Paul put in a lot of his own time and money through different ownerships over the years, from Grey Cup years to losing seasons.

He definitely deserves recognition, as do the first 2 "Petes" (Mr. Wirtz senior and junior).

It's a 80-year tradition that must be honoured. And,of course,continued.

I am quite sure the team will look after this is an appropriate and classy manner.

One thing we as fans can do, is make sure every single one of us is on our feet and joins in for his last opening game cheer and yell at the top of our lungs.

Bonus, it might even scare the s**t out of Winnipeg.

Hey everyone. First it is the Walk of Fame and if you have never seen all the great players up there along with Pigskin Pete you should walk along the beechwood side of the Stadium. pat_cat