How to fix some of the problems

The improper use of the Canadian / American ratio .

Most teams try to use Americans in the key positions like QB , WR , DE , CB , etc

We have the very uncommon luxury of having a Canadian running back that plays as good as most Americans would and that SHOULD give us the luxury of stacking an additional American in a key spot such as Receiver or Defensive Line . This is not happening because we have chosen to use an AMERICAN at 2 positions in which is it virtually unheard of to waste an American spot on . I am speaking of the fullback position and the kicker / punter position . I cannot understand why we are not going with as many american receiver and defensive lineman as possible considering how weak both areas currently are on this club . Julian Radlein is a competent fullback instead of dickerson and Seta is decent but it is tough to win using american in these spots .

Another thing is the reciever and dlineman position are a revolving door . How can anyone gain any consitancy when the players are being released one after the other ?

Quinton Caver , Anthony Collier and James Cotton are all better than what we have now on the D-line and there are few receivers like Theoron Anderson that didn't really get a fair shake . Player like DJ Flick and Kamau Petereon are doing well in saskatchewan which leads me to believe that is more a problem with Maas then with the revolving door of receivers coming in . I also think we should start a canadian at outside linebacker as we have mariuz who can do as well as Glasper .

My suggestion is to keep Setta at kicker / punter for now but replace Glasper with Mariuz or Auggie and then move Radlein to Fullback replacing Dickerson . This frees up 2 american spots in which we can go with 3 american receivers instead of 2 using Curry , Mccants or Guardner and Armstead and then use an additional american d-lineman . I would also give Chang 3 starts and see what he can do ..we can always fall back to Maas .

Dickerson outright WON the starting FB job from Radlein. We can afford to use him there because of Jesse. We may have to start an Import O-lineman this Saturday against Montreal, seeing as Cheron is injured.

Look for Import D-linemen to show up soon on the NFL-cut airlift. Rads may be trade-bait in the off-season.

I have a different spin on the ratio topic. We do have a lot of Canadians startingat non-traditional positions. Now my problem is, what happens if they get hurt? Do we have competent Canadian backups who we can put into the lineup? Or are we suddenly going to have to completely revamp the lineup due to the ratio?

Good question PC45. I'll have to ponder it for a while... lol

In response to the Dickerson comment :
I think he is not much better than Radlein and Radlein is an above average fullback at a very seldom used position . I think it is better to bolster other areas like the D-line or Receiver where the upgrade is more significant . Right now , I also think Lumsden may leave to the NFL after the season anyway so our luxury could be gone .
I think we have very good Canadian content that is young especially on the Lines . Once these guys mature and if we can improve our American content then this could be a very solid team for years to come .
I am not sure if people realize this but we took a gamble on about 3 or 4 draft picks over the past years on guys that seeemd to have a shot at the NFL and they have all come back ( Bekasiak , Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Lumsden ) . These 4 guys could all be CFL ALL-STARS in the next few years and other teams stayed away from them thinking they will stick in the NFL .