How to fix Porter('s ball handling)

Remember the first half of the season?
Even when Porter struggled, at least he kept us in games by not turning the ball over.

What's changed?

Hmmm... the weather?

Most of QP's ball handling trouble has happened in the past few weeks, when it's been cold, plus the bad weather game in Regina in August. Both in terms of fumbling and throwing the ball poorly.

Maybe he needs to do what another Boston College QB did after his hands froze in the playoffs.
Put on glass-cutters' gloves. Flutie even kept them on after he went back to the NFL.

Not that that will help him read defenses or get rid of the ball quicker. But it can't hurt.

That being said, although I've been in favour of Porter starting whenever healthy this year, I think that for his own sanity and confidence he needs to sit now. He's running for his life behind an o-line that's stopped blocking.
Glenn hasn't been any better, but he can at least buy QP the time to get his head right.

Great idea. That way he can hold onto the ball better while he's getting sacked for 12 yards.

I'd rather have him sacked than have him turn the ball over on a fumble.

Calvillo, Burris, and Ray all get sacked.
Experience will help Porter get sacked less often.
In the meantime, can't I point out an observation that might be helpful, instead of just ragging on a guy like everyone else is?

Or throw into triple-coverage.

I'd rather have him hit a wide open Bruce for a 12 yard gain. Instead we watch Bruce waving his hands to signal how open he is. Then a few seconds later trotting back to the huddle after witnessing the buffoonery and incompetence behind the line of scrimmage. Now how many dozens of times have we seen that this year?

I believe that we have seen that by both our QB's,but Bruce might not have been theopen receiver in all cases.

No would be the simple answer. This mob cannot see the problems on this team run much deeper than the QB.

Oh we can see it, the fact is Porter is the ring leader of the teams problems, Marcel and Gibson are right behind him. The fact is the team plays better with Glenn, his record shows it, 14 touch downs to Porters 6.


I'm no genius but I think the easiest fix would be to start Glenn...

Why would you want to do that?? :roll: Anyone who thinks that those sacks were his fault are blind. Some of it was bad O'line play and some were coverage sacks and some of it is that Porter holds on to the ball a little too long. Glenn ate turf a few times as well. Was that his fault??

I actually thought that the weather may have been a factor as well. Seems like Cobb has had a couple drop off his finger tips in the cold weather as well.

Best way to fix his ball handling is not letting him handle it again this season at least.

Cold weather has nothing to do with it.

The Bombers didn`t have trouble hanging on to the ball.

Porter does have potential, but one of his weaknesses is fumbling. I hope he gets this corrected.

The o line played real bad in the 1 st 1/4 . They only rushed 3 and some times 4 men and we could not even get 4 sec for the qb to get the ball off.
I am not saying keep porter in just that the oline needs major change in the way they are blocking.

Glenn hasn't been any better?
You can't hide from the facts.
Bruce said it all.

don't give him the damn ball that is how you fix it

Since they can't very well sack him in practice, the coaches can get Porter up to game speed in practice by using the whistle and a stopwatch to give him 3 seconds to get the ball to one of his play-makers. After that time he's considered sacked. And give the D and incentive to 'sack' him rather than laying off.

Again, I say, do this in practice cuz he should sit the rest of the year unless Glenn is hurt or falters badly.

How about - just hang onto the damn football. Little league 101. Hang onto it. Period.

Glenn's won/loss record is worse than Porters

Glenn's won loss record is worse than porters? Give me a break, Lets see what Porter has done for us lately? 2 fumbles and 28 yds. yesterday, zero points. Glenn 273 yds. passing, the team scored 28 points for him.
If Marcel puts Porter in one more starting situation this yr. I am done with the team for good.