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It’s gonna become the next problem we have to hear all about.

I don't mind the patches that the CFL has now. Even the NBA is doing that this season on their uniforms.

But not a fan of when the logo of the sponsor starts to dominate the uniform like it does in soccer. Am I cheering for Manchester United or Team Chevrolet? Mind you Manchester United did get $560 million bucks from GM - so who can blame them.

This is what I dislike. As I don’t watch soccer regularly - I don’t want to be confused as to what’s the team logo vs what’s the corporate sponsorship logo. These players are beginning to look a bit like NASCAR, which has a weird irony to it because a soccer player doesn’t at all fit into the typical NASCAR profile. Opposite, in fact.

I think we all get it Iconic. We are aware that revenue is generated from advertising. But it's gone way over board in my opinion. The point I'm making is about excess, not the merits of advertising.

I don't mind using the players and field for advertising when it's tastefully done. The electronic boards along the sideline are fine. Ads on the field...ok...I can live with that, although I really enjoy BMO fields' clean look in stadium. Small ads on the jerseys, not a big fan but I understand it. Adidas, Nike, Reebok all do it. But looking like Nascar or Football is the only game that the numbers mean something. I really didn't like the Reebok 3rd jerseys with the hockey style logo. It was tough to see who caught the ball and I'm sure it made it difficult for not only the officials but also TSN. Maximize your revenues but not at all costs.

I know it's business and it is about revenue for the league.

Does not mean we have to like it.

Sidenote : the painted ads on the field are super slippery come play-off time.

Not complaining, just saying.

No need to be concerned that your comments might be perceived as a "complaint" brihind88. You raise a valid point about safety. A number of seasons ago a player, during a game went crashing into some of the signage and his throat was lacerated. Very scary situation at the time.

I don't think anyone is advocating that there should be zero advertising. Advertising signs etc. are important at sporting events because the advertising helps to keep costs down. I think most would have no argument with that. However, at what point does it become just a money grab to boost profits? After all the CFL like any other league is simply a business.

Each person has his own level of tolerance as to how much they want to be exposed to advertising. As I've said in the past, I go to enjoy the game, not to be constantly bombarded with advertisements, whether they are on the huge jumbo screen, the folding boards along the sidelines or logos on the players jerseys. Personally, I find it a real turn off.

I remember that play.

Normally the sign folds when crashed.

However, the Lions player went throat first on the sign.

TSN cameras zeroed in on him holding his throat and gasping.

Thought it was low class, but then thought it would show how dangerous they are.

I have hated them since. Should have been banned at that moment.

Sadly, it was deemed a " freak accident" and stayed put.

Neons are just real distracting.

That was the play brihind88. It was a Lions player that was injured. Like many other fans/spectators I was expecting something to be done by the league about the signage. Get rid of them? Move them further back? Have fewer of them? None of this was done from what I could see. I'm also not aware of any design changes to these things to make sure it never happens again. Yep. You're right. It was deemed a "freak" thing and freak things do happen on occasion which I guess is why nothing was done.

Many players will often hurdle the signage to avoid colliding with it. I think it is just a matter of time before a player comes down on his ankle wrong and does some serious damage to himself or breaks a leg or concusses himself. All "freaky" wouldn't you say? :wink: