How to fix a game...

Well it was 3 hours long! Did you watch all of it?

If you're so unhappy in this country and you prefer the NFL to the CFL then there IS a solution....move south. Problem solved, right? This is the best country in the world and the CFL gives us thrilling entertainment year after year and you should be so lucky to be here.

re-AlsGatineauFanOffline- wonder if the seahawks, are happy about replay in superbowel 2005-not !

Herr.... I never said anything about NFL and if I did it was out of frustratrion for this time again (I am sure you guys can understand). I was born here and I love this country after living in most part of it. But it saddens me that it does not matter where the Als are playing (except in mtl) they will get booed. I guess that is something we have to understand....

nope...nothing about the NFL :roll:

(try backing a hockey team with a guy named Bertuzzi on it....then you'll know "booing")

OK Drummer you got me there... I apologize for that but really I am a CFL/LCF fan, I do not even watch the NFL, I find the CFL more interresting, Also, I played it as a youngster. I got a bit carried away after the Als lost but I do understand that BC had a betterteam (but please allow me to be a bit pissed after a 1 in 5) and that is just healthy sportsmanship. I am just a bit pissed after CBC not taking the opportunity to show a bit of franco canadian bit. I think it would be a great opportunity to do that and that is all.

did RDS focus more on the Als ??

im a habs fan and have to sit thu disgustingly leaf-biased announcers when the habs play the leafs on CBC ( i prefer to watch the french CBC, which i dont even understand )…so i understand

and the bias even continues during the playoffs against non-leaf teams. the announcer harry neil hates the habs and sens.

and i hate when cherry bashes quebecors and says he wants them to seperate…he needs a kick in the face!

RDS had a 1 hour special in french that covered the season and CBC had a a special that started at 15:00 to cover the season, which is 3 hours in which they barely talked about the Als (you know the team that was actually playing today).

Smegma, you forgot the racism card. Clearly, there is racism by the refs against Montreal’s black QB, and in favour of BC’s white QB. And BC must have paid the refs more. It’s not like your team was just outplayed, right? :roll: :roll: :roll:

The second TD did not cross the line...the ball has to cross the line, not the player, and the ball didn't cross, so it was not a TD.

I am an Als’ fan. Yeah, there were some bad calls but the truth is, only the defence came out to play in the first quarter. AC looked so unprepared and nervous, it was as if it was his first Grey Cup! Sure, there were a couple of drops but there were countless balls skipping off the turf or being thrown six feet over the receiver’s head. Even some of those completions to Cahoon would never have happened had the star receiver not made an incredible adjustment to the ball. Seriously, did AC hit anyone in stride? Oh, and what was the reason for not giving Edwards the ball in the first half? So my fellow Als’ fans, instead of blaming the refs and their calls (a la Toronto Argos), how about looking at the Alouettes’ offence and yet another horrible start. This was a game that the Als could have won (BC did not play that great either IMO) had they come out strong, but it looks like we are 2nd best…again! Congrats to the Lions!

So what happens if there is a player down, but the ref decides " Um, might be down, but wait, lets call it a fumble and replay will correct it". Then they realize, the team has no more challenges!

Thats why I've never been a big fan of replay. We just have to live with calls that go against "Our Team". (God knows in past years we've been on the short end of a few!)

Talking about a ball that didn't cross the line - not only did the second one not go over, the Als' first one didn't cross the line either. If I was Buono, I would have challenged that one because they came up short. notice how quickly they got ito formation and kick the PAT? - The Als knew it too.

Quite simply, the better team won. Period.

Even without challenges, the refs can still huddle up and decide what the call should be.
But once the whistle goes, they are just guessing at "what might have been".

With or without replay, a quick whistle is seldom the right answer.
But I'm with you, Sporty, replay s.ucks!

I fail to see how replays suck.
In the case of the quick whistle, a bad call again was turned into a good call.

I don't know, I like the instant replay, and IMO, if one call gets correctly reversed, it's worth it.

My only complaint is that it must ONLY take 90 seconds, and if it takes longer, the challenge is nullified.

Well that would then again hurt then team if the refs were inadaquate, would it not?

IMO if you are going to get the call right then it should take the time it needs!

What I'm saying is if we are stuck with replay, don't have the Refs hold whistles because Replay is the "SAVIOR". Bad things can happen, especially if the teams are out of challenges.