How to fix a game...

The refs blow the whistle as soon as Truluck touches Dickenson. So, the Als have to challenge the call to recover the fumble, and they can't advance the ball. If the whistle is not blown, they recover and run for a touchdown. Way to go CFL; discretely, you can fix a game. PUT the damn whistle away and let them play; STOP protecting Dickenson by blowing the whistle too quickly!!!

no shortage of idiots in the world, sigh

Don't be so hard on yourself Footbalyou bet. At least you can write simple sentences.

Dear Mr. Secretion of the Sebaceous Glands,
Last week the Argos claimed the fix was in for the Als. The week before that some Winnipegger’s were convinced the Argos got all the calls.

It was a bad call. Period. Welcome to the CFL. The rule change off-season didn’t help either.

It wasn't even a bad call, they blew too quickly! This is football, let them finish plays!!!

You might simply wish to revisit your perjorative use of the word 'fix'. It was rather overstated, wasn't it?

You're angry at a bad call. I was at many of these this year but my team was SOOOOOOO bad that even if every call had gone their way it wouldn't have made a difference.

Don't pull a 'Bruce' (My new name for those who claim a fix after the refs blow it. Your other thread on this topic at least opened up a discussion.

ya the Refs are fine.. SHUT UP

Both instances (East final, Grey Cup) officiated by Jake "the take" Ireland :lol:

Seriously though, if you have to point the finger at the refs for your loss, you probably didn't play well enough to win anyway

It was a judgment call on the field, you cant blame the refs for blowing the play dead. The replay showed it was a fumble , and the Alouettes did get possession. It not the refs’ fault that Calvillo didnt make the Lions pay for that turnover.

I was real close so they blew the whistle , most players stopped playing. At full speed live you couldn't see it on TV . Who's to say there would not have been BC players chasing after the ball in that case either? I thought the BC player who recovered the goal line fumble recovery was untouched too but he was whistled down , but so what it was whistled down , end of play one way or the other.

i said this last week after the ricky williams fumble...they should NOT blow the whistle on fumbles anymore, unless its amazingly obvious the player was down.

let the play continue then check replay after..if its NOT a fumble then the TD doesnt count and its still BC ball....if it was a fumble then the als already recovered for a TD and no controvercy.

the CFL should implement that for next year...NO WHISTLE ON FUMBLES...let Replay decide...cant go wrong with that!

Sounds good to me!

How about that 2nd td that crossed the line but was not called. 2 TD down in a game could have made a great change. But that is the CFL.... GO NFL GO

So go watch the NFL.
You are only here to cause problems anyway

Don't be sore losers, it's very poor sportsmanship...the Al's were shaky the first half and there's no denying that. They managed to rally back (somewhat) but the Lions were too much, that's all there is to it. The refs didn't blow it, the team did.

(and maybe the refs were getting tired of the Al's "injuries". Dave played like a warrior and that's what you do when you're battling for the cup)

what about those blatent game fixing by the NFL refs last year?..that INT the steelers made that was called a non INT EVEN after the refs made the right call and replay showed it was the right call, they over turn it, cuz they want manning in the superbowl.


and wasnt there another blatent bad call in the super snore as well? that went in pittsbugs favor?

Dave was certainly more the warrior than Calvillo on this night. All game long Dickenson was putting his head down and taking hits to gain extra yards. The one time I can remember Calvillo running he did a hook-slide short of the first down.

Wasn't there a Steeler QB who was suspected(strong word but...) of throwing the game because he threw what seemed to be deliberate interceptions.

I wish CBC would have given more time to the Als in there pre game show (they gave more time to the Hamilton TC than to the Als) and that is what says a great deal about this country .......