How to fight back

Since many of us are season ticket holders and don't want to throw away our tickets for the remaining three games, what can we do?

We need to show the organization that the product that is being supplied to us is far below our ticket value. So that best way to show them that, is to hit them in the pocket book.

So, for the remaining three games, I will NOT be purchasing any snacks, drinks, or 50/50 tickets. I will eat and drink before the games and buy a scratch ticket on the way to the game.

Any supporters?

Yup. The organization is not getting any more money from my pocket until I see something done to correct the mess that's on the field.

sounds like a I'll just have to figure out a way to get my cousin to buy my beers all night

Better Yet how about WE ALL decide on 1 game NOT TO SHOW UP TO and make it empty from the start of the game 2 the end, but dont worry u can redeem ur ticket for another game but for that one game if we dont show up it will send a huge message


I agree. And lets start wearing bags on our heads like Leaf fans did 20 years ago!
And chant BELLI!BELLI!BELLI!etc.etc.

I'm past angry...i'm just really sad. I spent $1000 for season tickets this year for the first time. I have seats at the 55 yard line and I cant even get a friend that is willing to go with me anymore...They will not take a free seat at center field !

I went by myself and sat in the stands in the rain and watched this "team"... it wasnt a football game at all...our problems go much deeper than who is at QB.

I was hoping to buy these seats every year and be a devoted fan year after year..but I dont think that I can, and I cant imagine paying money again to watch this crap that is supposed to be a professional sports franchise.

I am not asking for my money back, after all, buyer beware. I expect that a team will win a few and lose a few...but I could have assembled any 12 guys together to play against Saskatchewan and do as well as these guys who call themselves "Tiger-cats" did tonight.

So who in their right mind would buy seasons tickets next year ??

ultimately, unfortunately, this will hurt the city of Hamilton if no one shows up. But I cant afford to do this again. I'm sorry.

Labour Day...Make it an Argo home game and 27,000+ that may be in attendance cheer for the Argos. The Cats will probably win. :rockin: