How to feel better after another loss.

The day after can often leave one with that sinking depressing feeling. Everyone has somrhting they do to get over it and get up for next week. Today I went to the Rider store and bought some really nice Rider gear - did the trick. I learned long ago the hangover thing only makes it worse so I don't do that any more. Surely others must have a way to conquer the day after another disappointing loss blues.

Yep, I have a way to get over's called living. I refuse to let sports dictate my moods or outlook. No depression here - particularly since there is another CFL game to look forward to in a few hours. :wink:

:thup: :thup:

honestly, the only thing that bugs me is when you go to the pub after and someone who is not a fan of your team is egging you on...they are straight up looking to cause trouble, waithing for you to beak them off so that they can start a fight. Other than that I am fine.

The one that stuck around for a while was GC 2009, but after a bit I said hey...we have a GC win and an appearence in 3 years...that is awesome.

During the regular season I am over it within an hour, even if i am still dissapointed.

I look at it this way....

every loss is another nail in Berry's (and hopefully Taman's) coffin.

I thought the same way during that awful last year with Barrett/Shivers running the show. That team finally lost enough games to get the move made. Maybe this is the same type of situation, where a few losses are actually good in the long term


Just lose Berry and 99% of rider nation will feel better!

The game helped somewhat but Calgary losing would have really done the trick.

Rye and coke, repeat until numb.