How to Defeat the Als

When the Als lost to the Cats last week,Higgins implied that part of the reason was that they didn't know their way around THF and now that the Als know where the change room is and how to get to the field, they will win the EDF on Sunday.

So all the Cats have to do is block the route the Als used to get to their change room and have them get to the field a different way and the Cats will win.

Who knew it would be so simple?

Or just turn off all of the hot water. They'll think they're back at IWS. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Set up a giant maze that takes them through all the more... suspect areas of Hamilton en route to the locker room...

There is hot water ?

The Als lost because they couldn't find their way around the stadium?

That must qualify as the lamest excuse ever.