How to .D-(stop).Ricky?

Ricky could play stoned and still do major damage. :lol:

After seeing some of the hits from Tay Cody and gang at the black and gold game I say bring on Ricky.

I'm certain the Cat's D are not quaking in their collective boots. Sure it'll be a big challenge, but also an opportunity.

RW may have all star credentials, but, and this is a big but, he has yet to play a single down in the CFL. Don't get me wrong, if he does turn out to be the dominant force others seem to think he'll be, we'll definitely be in trouble, but I say let's see how things develop first.

Just my opinion but Williams is a different built player then Sellers so the worst thing you can do is try and hit him low (unless its from behind)...he'll run right through or over you...when you are 5'10 230 with 4.4 speed and tree trunks for legs the safest way will be to hit him high...but I think the Argos will use a lot of swing passes to get him out in the open field because he is an excellent receiver as well.

I agree with AMG - Its men vs. Boys out there. The CFL is a passing league but he could change that for this season. Imagine the play action this opens up for the Argos?


I agree that he has the potential to be the most dominant RB in the league, but let's be realistic here - no matter how much power, speed, and size he brings, defenses are not going to just roll over or become jelly and give up any yardage he wants. There are some big boys out there who can hit very hard.

Technique and positioning will be very important. These were areas that we sorely needed help with last year, so I do worry until I see differently, not just against Williams but against Davis, Roberts, Edwards, etc.

Also don't forget this was a guy who walked away from football until the money issue came back to haunt him. For all he's saying about making a fresh start, is his heart in this? We've all seen how important heart is at the RB position, something I'm sure Ranek will prove again to Ticat fans.

Ricky Williams will probably be among the leading rushers in the CFL this year.

The converted defensive backs/linebackers from last year's edition of the Ticats would be in over their heads against a runner like Williams. The large, quick Ticat linebackers acquired during the off-season, such as Bobby Brooks and Steve Josue, could improve the Ticat run defence this year. They might not be able to "stop" Williams either, but they might be able to impede his progress until help arrives.

Crash makes an excellent point about how the Argos' play action options open up with Williams in their lineup. It could also help to extend the career of Argo quarterback Damon Allen as he should sustain less wear and tear this year.

How to stop Ricky Williams ?

Boreham does double duty is how .....stick him in the defensive backfield, suit him up in a special uniform and helmet (see below) and simply point him at Williams and turn him loose.... :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we have just the man to stop our good friend Ricky Williams. Brooks, the 150 lb MLB... we could put him in the middle and have auggie and mariuz on the outside.

I have to laugh folks because I've seen this act before from the Argos (re:Anthony Davis and Terry Metcalf in the '70's). There were the same fears as there is now."They're going to tear the league apart". It's Ricky Williams, not Superman lining up in the Argos backfield!!! You take him down just like any other running back. Believe me, it will be even sweeter when we shut him down and beat the Argos. Relax kids....its only one man and he's a running back. The CFL is and always will be a passing league!!!

Guys when i look at our cats over the winter and our additions and then the argones on offence i think there is no comparison;
We added jason;terry;cavil;corey;hudson;and ofcourse Ranek my question is how do they stop us?
PS.Would any ticat fan trade Wiliams straight up for Ranek i sure as hec wouldn;t.

How do you stop hmmm let me see uh TACKLE HIM!

I think that some people posting here have grown up with too much NFL hype.
One man, one player, TEAM GAME.

Stopping Ricky is pretty basic.

Lets see our Offence on the field for 30 minutes. (That cuts down all sorts of running options that suck time off the Argo clock)

Lets see some decent ST play, to position the opposition badly.

On the Defensive side of the ball, lets give Belli a "buddy" that should an injury (let alone exhaustion!) occur, we are not just "done" when the up the gut stuff starts.

That probably means facing reality that your OLB's cannot be semi-retired DB's, but have some size to them...

As often as we are caused to play the Argo's by the schedule, we better get this drill down pretty quickly...

Quick, somebody call Andy Petek. :roll:

A Covington, Walker, or Philbrick would do nicely, rejuvenated, of course!

There's a lot of work to be done at linebacker, that spells good news for the Cdn receivers (and other positions) because its my thought that Hitch is mis-placed at OLB. and we better add some meat out there, if only because we are suspect in the Dbackfield until these new guys prove up.

Tackling Ricky involves hitting him at the head/chest level, NOT the legs (imagine a Jesse Lumsden with 4-5 years NFL experience!), and successful "swarming"...

Mind, Ricky's got some "learning" to do, too...its a very different game in the CFL, and he better show Pinball that he's dried himself out, and prepared to be the proverbial Boy Scout in word, act and thought, if not deed...

We have a pretty sharp Offence here, they can take a lot of time off the clock, I am less concerned with Argo's ability to eat the clock might not show that way in the preseason, while evaluation is still ongoing..

I think Ricky will be awesome this year but don't forget that every team in the league will be determined to stop Ricky and shut him down adn prove that big boys reside in the CFL.

which will only help the argo receivers get open....

if the CFL D coordinators cannot swallow their pride and end up allowing Ricky to dominate the game plan it falls right into the argos hands.....

which will only help the argo receivers get open....

if the CFL D coordinators cannot swallow their pride and end up allowing Ricky to dominate the game plan it falls right into the argos hands.....

Nail Damon on his elderly butt, Espo, and watch the Argo's go into "Death Spirals", and the Cats are the team to get this done...

Likewise, I doubt the Argo's are "cheering" at Maas and Eakin getting it together with a "real" line and our reciever and RB set...

But I agree, the BoG's dropped the ball big time in having no integrity...Williams should have been caused to pay the time, having done the crime, and no matter what platitudes Pinball comes up with, its not like RW would have been living on rice and beans throughout 2006, and he certainly is a "suspect" "community role model", quite aside from an obvious "the cap runneth over" type by the perrenially cheating Argo's...why don't we call "PinBall" on this and ask straight out if he will deny the lie in public?

Expose the Argo payroll, as a "good model" for the rest of the League, and allow Braley to come up with his comparative stuff to show he's being honest as well...

Because both are in grave doubt, and pretty unbelievable, every time they open their mouth's, which is only too often...