How to .D-(stop).Ricky?

How are we gonna stop this train? employ a "spy" or add a extra dline? :roll:

Hand him a joint.

For crying out loud. The dude goes to the bathroom the same way as everyone else. He's one player, not superman. Bring it on...

except he goes to the bathroom as the former NFL rushing champion.

Im scared.

I agree.
Once he gets in shape and when and if he gets focussed Williams dramatically changes the landscape. And since we play the Argos so often this year Mr. Reed better be up late working on how to stop being run over.

The key will be to tackle him low, diving at his legs, the same way players had to tackle big bad Mike Sellers back in the day.

Thats crazy that he could get the better part of 1000 yards against us :o

Kavis wont be sleeping much.

Exactly! You don’t stop him because you can’t. Our LB’s and DL’s are smaller up here and Ricky is a tank with great speed. Good luck to any team trying to stop this guy.

The only thing holding him back is that the CFL is a different game. It’s more of a passing game and he won’t be getting the ball 30 times every game.

Anyways, as excited as I am to see him play this season, this is a typical Argo move. This guy isn’t a one time offender (so you can’t say he deserves a second chance…it’s a fifth chance) and it makes our league look pretty bad when we allow things like this to happen. IMO, We should honour the NFL’s substance abuse policies.

Is it good for the CFL? Yes and no. Either way, what’s done is done and I hope we just pound them this year! (Although I don’t see that happening anymore.)

If hes on his game id be giving him the ball 30 times a game.

Yeah so would I. I'm just saying he won't be getting it 30 times every game like he used to in Miami.

Yep, Damon would be more than happy to hand off all day.

I really doubt he'll get the carries he should, just look at Robert Edwards, he lead the league in ypc last season but didn't get the touches he should have. Since Toronto has a similar type of offence as Montreal I expect Ricky to have a similar season to what Edwards had last year.

I would expect that if Ricky retains his play from last season that the answer to the question how to defend him is quite simple. Put up more points than the Argos cos you won't stop him.

except he goes to the bathroom as the former NFL rushing champion.

Im scared.
Come on Crash. This league has had dominant rushers before. Pringle put up some monster years. Many others. The NFL running game is dramatically different. No doubt if Ricky is healty, and if his head is in the game, and if he stays that way, he's going to put up some numbers. So what.

The bigger issue for the CATS is accpeting the fact that last year we had the worst team in the league (thus the 1st draft choice). We've brought in a lot of new players, many with experience. We also added some experience to a very inexperienced coaching staff. The bad news is that in a contraction year every team is going to be stronger. The way things stand it is likely that the Argo's will continue to dominate. But it will be more than one player that is responsible. Cheers

With all the Argo's weapons on "O",they have to pass alot and that is our first big problem,second is Ricky.....oh great.....OT...OH!!!!

We just have to match them score for score and win in the end ,Ricky or no Ricky,it's Damen Allen we've got to stop first :roll: .....hmmmm

The battle cry that will shake the CFL will be “Stop the Argooooooooos”…Buuurp :lol:

I was expecting a few jokes to made in response to the question in the first post here. And I'm sure we'll hear a few more. For example, I was expecting hear that this could create a problem for the blue team. With the way potheads like to snack after getting high, I was expecting to hear a joke about Williams and Soward fighting over popcorn. :slight_smile:

Seriously, a few reasons Williams might not be as dominant as you might think have been mentioned. Some have pointed out how the CFL game is different. And while he's up against CFL defences, you have remember that it'll be a CFL offence blocking for him. Still, I do hope he won't do as well as some think he might. It'll make our game league look better if he's not so dominant. And I wonder if this same kind of discussion was had when Vince Ferragamo joined the Montreal Alouettes. I'm not saying he'll be another Ferragamo though.

Mike Pringle is not Ricky Williams. I agree the NFL running game is different but the CFL has never seen a man with Ricky's ability. His size, speed and ability to run guys over points towards all kinds of potential to dominate this league. This could be ugly.

I have an idea on how to defeat those leaky boatmen and stop Ricky from running us into the ground. Its simple: Find some large gentlemen, 300-400lbs, make sure they can run faster than a jet, and throw them in as linebackers. Than, make sure Hitchcock lays a hit on Allen after every play, slowly destroying the 40 year plus frame into dust. (alternate plan: stock Ricky's locker in the locker room with more pot than he knows what to do with)

Another way is to just let them do whatever they want with him till their road game June 30th. They play BC that game. After that Ricky Williams may be M.I.A. in the mountains with some of his truly favourite herbal remedies out west.