how to contact taman

does anybody know how i could contact taman cause i want to know why did he pick 2 Olinemen but the best db in the league was right there for grabs! i just want to ask him why

i dont know, hes a moron thats why. we possibly couldve had armstead, and banks. these guys better be good. khan couldnt even crack ottowas line up, and ottowas line wasnt even all that great. and is likely to move to BC next year because its the final year of his contract and he wants to play in BC. so his age isnt any good to us. unless what i heard wasnt true. i think we shit the bed in this one.

i agree i am mad i bet coach berry told taman to get brad banks and the rest was taman. i bet he is a control freak.i respect berry even if we win or lose he is very honest like with the question with glenn he said he was ''adequate'' our season is now in berrys hands


if we manage to pick up kyries hebert ill be a little bit happier. but right now i pretty much think we sucked outa that thing.

we also need to find another good reciever. maybe ut canada up for bait to get one, or Flemming? just sign jerome haywood if we have to trade flemming. it would hurt us a little but not to to much. flemming had 31 tackles, haywood had 42, flemming had 5 sacks, haywood had 4. we should also sign quincy coleman. we have a lot of room for imports not. lets take advantage of it. we need another good reciever to complete the 4. haywood and coleman woulkd both come cheap as no ones looking at them. plus flemming has a hefty contract. although flemming was probably double teamed alot and was batteling through injuries. but i dunno. but we should look at hebert for sure. guys are going to have a sweet surprise when you get a look at Brad Banks....we have now got the 2 youngest and potentially the best qbs. in the land... bar none.....Banks and Glenn....a great combo...and if Glenn isn't performing...I wanna see Brad Banks take the's goodbye Tee Martin for sure...and Glenn better perform....Taman got a great player ..for the switch-pick with TO. ..and that ain't too bad..St. GERMAINE...another good pick....our o' line has now got depth ...depth...I am happy with the results today.... guys ...and time will prove it out... :!: :arrow:

well, now that i actually look at it, i guess what i heard was just rumors. i never actually found the info myself so whatever. maybe it was a good move after all. i guess we'll see when the season comes. its gonna be a very competitive league, thats for sure. i guess i was blinded earlier.

I think its pretty safe to say its .....goodbye Joe....we have better now...and his salary is too high....I liked Fleming ...but his day is done ....and thats football.. :arrow:

i really really hope your right pap. the rumors i heard must not have been true, we have 2 ottowa coaches that obviously thought kahn was good stuff. they know much more then i do, ill just have to trust them

hey i just realized something, we picked robert grant. in 2004 the guy had 46 tackles, 1 sack, 11 knock downs 56 hits, and 4 interceptions. he got hurt last season so thats why i did 2004. ha ha im liking this more and more. you weren't blinded James...just got caught up in the hype...sure Korey Banks is a great player...and so is Armstead...but there wasn't enough need according to Marshal and Harris...who know these players really well...I can gurantee ..they sat down with Taman and said....look Brendan...we have assessed the Bombers of last year....and this is what the team needs....These guys have been around football for a long time...and I trust their judgement....and just as a little side note Khan was doing double back flips when he found out the Bombers took him....ya see he used to play with Neil Mackinlay...and was beside himself when he found out he woulkd be re-united with his ol buds....He will be a Bomber for a very long time.... :!:

thats really good news.

its always good when theres chemistry with the players

im actually reaslly excited now, does anybody have any info on the RB and Fullback we picked up, and the D-lineman? i cant find anything on these guys.

$190,000/season for Korey Banks would be a good reason why they didn't select him

Khan went #2 because he is cheap and a ratio changer. Having good Canadians in this league is a must because then you can play imports elsewhere, such as your secondary.


....Khan was everyones pick according to a lot of people in the league...a few clubs tried to grab the first pick off of Ham. so they could dispersal ...'OBBY' (that's Khans' get used to it)... so.the Bombers told Sask...(maybe a bluff but smart)..that they would take Joseph if Sask. couldn't swing a deal with Ham. for Kerry...and after that was a fact...the Bombers got their man .....we also picked up some other great Canadian talent (always important to have)...Jim Barker in cowtown said...the Bombers... overall... made off with the best deals...and you have to credit Taman for some of it....that ought to choke up red real good... :smiley:

I really found it funny that sask. thought we were going to take jospeh so they traded there best rb/kr to hamilton for first pick. lol we were never going to take jospeh.

...EXACTLY.LOL LOL.. :lol: i think we pushed Sask. INTO A DEAL for Joseph.....but heh...they didn't end up too bad off in the end...

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