How to change your default CFL Forums homepage

How do you change your default CFL Forums home page view?

the default view when you register is the main Category List view, which looks a bit different whether you are on a desktop or mobile view. you can change this default page to a be one of a number of settings best suited to your tastes. to access, go to your profile preferences settings via your user menu (your avatar in top right corner and the person icon tab). in your user preferences control panel, go to the "Interface" tab.

you will notice under the "Default Home Page" setting that it lets you select one of the various forum views:

  • Categories - this is the default category homepage
  • Unread - a list view of all topics you have not read yet
  • Latest - list of topics by most recent activity
  • Top - the most active topics in the past week
  • Newest - topics recently created, or
  • Bookmarks - a list of any bookmarked posts that you have set.

once you have selected your preferred default homepage view click the Save Changes button.


ask any questions or leave comments in this thread.

Thanks! I couldn’t find it at all in mobile view so I changed it to desktop and ta-daaa!

oh ok. it should work the same way in mobile view too. i just tried it.

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